Self- Assessment using a selfie for best oral health

Self- Assessment using a selfie for best oral health

Currently Selfie has become the ruler of the world. There is no social media without selfies or groupies. People love to take selfie for showcasing themselves, their talents or for other general causes whatever they feel like sharing. Selfie’s are so attractive and demanding that they can be used as a mode of self-assessment tool to educate or correct themselves in many ways.

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A selfie a day can keep the cavity away is the modern saying. So what are the advantages of taking a selfie while brushing?

  • It helps you to assess your brushing technique, whether you are covering all surfaces of the teeth and if your strokes are right
  • Improves your tooth brushing skills
  • to identify pit and fissures, yellow deposits much earlier if any
  • to ensure that your teeth is clear of all food debris

How often do you take your child to a dentist specifically to make him/her learn how to brush? We do such acts very rarely. Because we feel that brushing is a simple process and it’s just inherited from one generation to another. So we never think of taking a proper training or get educated on brushing techniques. Video recording while you brush will help you to correct yourself in all ways. You just need to watch the video repeatedly to check what’s wrong. If you are unsure, do take the video to a nearby dentist.

Seeing the video, your dentist can help correct or educate any of your improper brushing strokes or techniques. Not only that your dentist can assess your dental health easily. He /she can suggest any corrections and advise for a follow up where necessary. This very act of recording a selfie while brushing can make you conscious of your brushing techniques and reinforce behavioural change and even create a new muscle memory.

Selfie and self-assessment is just a first step to inculcate good dental healthy habits and follow them up. This will also help the dentist and people to focus on prevention rather than looking out for problems and treatment. Ensures good oral hygiene to the entire family including the children, as the parents can teach them proper brushing strokes and techniques.

Not only the selfie assessment is limited to the family, it can also be posted in the social media posing a dental health challenge just like the fitness challenge. Indirectly people around are also made to do a selfie assessment and are encouraged to learn and follow good oral hygiene practices. Prevention is always better than cure, so keeping a fit oral health ensures good general health as well.

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