General Dental Treatment in Dubai

Oral health problems are common in the modern, busy communities. Tooth ache, gum bleeding and other symptoms are the beginning of a critical dental disease.

Are you suffering from oral or dental problems and looking for quality dental care in Dubai by expert dentists?

Oris Dental Centre is a hub of qualified and highly experienced dentists serving wide range of dental problems under general dentistry. We make sure we serve all our patients with utmost care and let them regain their smile to feel good and confident.

Oral health is closely associated to the overall health of the body and thus, should be well considered in the lifestyle.

Why Choose Us for Complete Oral Care?

Following a lifestyle with minimum attention given to the teeth, gums or even to the food we intake increases the risk of oral health problems. Neglecting minor dental problems, thinking you will feel better may lead to severe dental illness. Thus, regular visits to expert dentists for checkups, diagnosis and general dental treatment in Dubai will let us find and treat your dental problems.

Our team of dental experts is committed to serve you with complete oral health examination followed by treatments required. So, you can feel assured that the responsibility of your oral health is in the hands of experts.

Our Experts of general dentistry provide a variety of services including:

What You Should Consider While Visiting a General Dentist?

Maintaining oral health is important to live a healthy life. So, it is important to look for experienced dentists who can serve you in wide range of dental problems in their dental centre. Similarly, the expert should be able to serve your family, kids as well as old age parents at the same place.

Use of modern and advanced tools and equipments to serve the patients is yet another factor you can consider while choosing an expert dentist in Dubai. Other than all this, you should consider your specific needs firstly.

Feeling sudden dental pain in your tooth or facing any dental health emergency? Book an appointment with Oris Dental Centre now for general dental treatment in Dubai.


Dental restoration is a procedure to repair chipped, cracked, fractured, damaged or decayed tooth and to restore the function, integrity and morphology of the missing tooth structure. The affected part is removed and then it's filled with dental restorative material called composite. The shade is selected to resemble the shade of natural tooth.

Scaling and Polishing

Dental cleaning involve removing plaque (soft, sticky bacteria infected film) and calculus (calcified plaque, white hard deposit) that have built up on the teeth over time.

Accumulation of bacteria will lead to deposition of hard calculus, in which both your gum and bone will be in danger. Calulus tend to push the gum and bone down, therefore slight tooth mobility will occur, Bad mouth odor and yellowish color of your teeth.

The purpose of cleaning and polishing is basically to leave the teeth surface clean and smooth so that the bacteria will not be able to stick to your teeth, keeping you gum line and bone level intact.


  • A vibrating instrument is used to dislodge the large Pisces of calculus as it spray a cooling mist of water to wash the debris out.
  • A low-speed hand-piece with rubber cup is used along with prophylactic paste to smooth the rough or sharp areas on your teeth.

Every six months a full mouth scaling and polishing is highly recommended.

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