General Dental Treatment in Dubai


Oral health problems are common in the modern, busy communities. Tooth ache, gum bleeding and other symptoms are the beginning of a critical dental disease.

Are you suffering from oral or dental problems and looking for quality dental care in Dubai by expert dentists?

Oris Dental Centre is a hub of qualified and highly experienced dentists serving wide range of dental problems under general dentistry. We make sure we serve all our patients with utmost care and let them regain their smile to feel good and confident.

Oral health is closely associated to the overall health of the body and thus, should be well considered in the lifestyle.

Why Choose Us for Complete Oral Care?

Following a lifestyle with minimum attention given to the teeth, gums or even to the food we intake increases the risk of oral health problems. Neglecting minor dental problems, thinking you will feel better may lead to severe dental illness. Thus, regular visits to expert dentists for checkups, diagnosis and general dental treatment in Dubai will let us find and treat your dental problems.

Our team of dental experts is committed to serve you with complete oral health examination followed by treatments required. So, you can feel assured that the responsibility of your oral health is in the hands of experts.

Our Experts of general dentistry provide a variety of services including:

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