3 Most Common Oral Health Issues in Old Age

Oral health Issue In Old Age | Dental Clinic In Dubai

Just like there are changes happening in our body in terms of growth from childhood to adulthood, they occur towards the old age as well. In terms of dental health, there are several oral health issues you need to be aware about as you grow older. Teeth and gums get affected by diseases and are less active in their natural functions unless they are properly maintained throughout life. As a matter of fact, the effects of the possible dental health issues can never be totally eliminated, but minimized with the help of dental solutions served by experienced dentists. Given below are the three most common dental problems that occur as you grow older:

Loss of Tooth Enamel

Our teeth functions in chewing and grinding food we eat all our lives till the time they get lost or become weak with age. It may also happen that their consistent functioning over a long period of time cause breakage, chips or cracking. With food eaten, teeth are also attacked by germs constantly, thus leading to loss of enamel in the old ages. Making regular visits to dental experts for complete dental examination in Dubai can help such senile patients feel relieved about their oral health.

Loss of Teeth

With weakened gums and lack of supporting jaw bone, loss of teeth is common in old ages. If you have seen your grandparents making use of dentures for restored teeth structure, this is because of loss of all their teeth with aging. Even in old age, it is possible to prevent complete loss of teeth by making sure you consume calcium rich diet all your life. Plus, you can get the lost teeth replaced in the form of implants with the help of dentists.

Gum or Periodontal Diseases

Gums supporting teeth structure becomes weak with age and get diseased. People start to see the base of their teeth near the inflamed gums in such ages. A simple way to prevent gum problems in adulthood as well as in old age is to maintain oral hygiene. Often, food particles get trapped in the spaces between teeth and gums. Cleaning them properly can help you avoid possible gum problems.

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