Gum Whitening – Gum depigmentation & Gingivectomy (Reshaping)


For some people, gums appear dark with the white teeth, which looks unaesthetic. So, they prefer for gum whitening treatment. Yes, it's possible to remove the pigmentation from the gum utilizing the advanced cosmetic dentistry. This advanced cosmetic dentistry involves a treatment named Gum Depigmentation, where the dark spots on the gums are removed, and the dark color of the gum will be changed and returned to pink or red.

Gum whitening is also mentioned as gum depigmentation or gum reepithelialization. One general reason behind the gums pigmentation is genetics. Commonly, the melanocyte cells produce melanin which causes pigmentation to the skin or gum. Sometimes it goes overdose, called hyper-pigmentation. Mostly the gingival tissue of the gum is affected because of various conditions. It leads to pigmented gums.

It can also happen with other reasons

  • Due to medication
  • Causes with smoking and drinking
  • Result of a side effect
  • Poor dental hygiene
  • Or suffering from an oral disease etc.

Techniques Used To Whiten Your Gum

The techniques are widely used for the gingival hyper-pigmentation, means pigmentation in gingival tissue. Gingivectomy or Gum reshaping is another technique we perform when the shape of the gum line is not equal. Using the latest laser equipment shape of the gum line will be corrected equally.

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