100% Fruit Juice and their Impact on Children’s Teeth

Fruit juices and their impacts on children's teeth

When we make fresh fruit juices at home, we boast about their health benefits. In our zeal to give the best to our children, we tend to provide them with fruit juices by blending them with sugar. We do this to make the drink tastier so that there is greater acceptability by the children. Most parents are unaware of the damage sugar can cause to our teeth. Children’s teeth are more susceptible to decay when they have high sugar and acid exposure. Is 100% fresh fruit juice available in the market better? Let us dig.

It is common knowledge that fruits naturally have fructose in them. Fructose is a type of sugar. That is why they often say that even consuming fruits needs to be restricted to a maximum of two servings a day. If a fruit has high fiber content, then the fructose in it is not readily absorbed by the body. It takes time to digest. So the general notion is to prefer fruits that are low in fructose and high in fiber.

Why are sugary fruit juices not good for your teeth?

Sugary fruit juices available in the market have high fructose content. Most sweetened fruit juices available in the market use corn sugar to add the sweetness already present. This is a double whammy for disaster. While they undoubtedly contribute to the growing problem of obesity, they have ill-effects on your teeth too. Packaged sugary fruit drinks also come with added preservatives that are acidic in nature. Sugar and acid present in them give nightmare to your teeth. While the acid strains the enamel, the sugar present in them is a feast to the array of dental bacteria. They slowly but steadily erode and decay the teeth. It has to be understood that children’s primary teeth are more vulnerable to decay.

Are 100% fruit juices good for your child’s teeth?

The logic that no added sugar is present in the 100% fresh fruit juice is worth thinking over. The American Dental Association did do a study involving over 2000 children. What they found was indeed heart-warming. The 100% fruit juices available in the market do not do any damage to your child’s teeth.

100% Packaged Fruit Juices or Fruit Juice made at home – Which one to prefer?

The fresh fruit juices made at home without adding any sugar is much better than the 100% fruit juices available in the market. This is because of the simple fact that the juices prepared at home are fresh and you do not mix them with any preservatives whatsoever.

Our Other Recommendations

  • Infants within six months of age need no fruit juices. Mother’s milk is the best food available to them and that is more than sufficient.
  • Children within 6 years old should be given one serving of any fruits a day and children beyond that age can be given two servings of fruits a day like adults.
  • Children should be habituated to eat whole fruits rather than making them drink fruit juices.
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