8 Reasons for Toothache other than Teeth Cavities

Reasons For Toothache Other Than Tooth Cavities

The general perception is, toothache is caused by cavity or dental caries due to poor oral hygiene. While this is true, many times the reason for toothache is not always due to cavity in the teeth. There can be other reasons also that may be serious requiring faster resolution. Here are eight top reasons for toothache other than cavity.

(1) Pain associated with jaw joints and not the teeth
Teeth grinding (bruxism), arthritis of the jaw, cancer in the jaw or any impact to the jaw joint due to any trauma are reasons that can cause aching pain felt in the teeth. The reasons listed actually mimic toothache but they are actually pain in the jaw joint. They are more precisely termed as Tempero Mandibular Disorders (TMD).

(2) Toothache due to Sinus Infection
Sometimes sinus infection can cause sharp pain on both sides of the upper teeth. Just beneath the nasal region and just above the upper back teeth on both sides are maxillary sinus cavities. This sinus region has mucous membranes. If there are inflammation and infection in this sinus region, the maxillary sinus touches the root of the upper back teeth causing an excruciating sharp pain. The pain mimics toothache but is not actually because of any problem in the teeth or cavity of teeth.

(3) Impacted Wisdom Teeth
Wisdom teeth are called third molars and are the last teeth on either side of the upper and lower jaw. Sometimes one or more wisdom teeth do not erupt properly. They might not erupt in perfect angle or they might not erupt at all by getting stuck in an angle or they might be touching the adjacent teeth causing pain in the process. The non-eruption of wisdom teeth or eruption of wisdom teeth in abnormal position or affecting the neighboring teeth while they erupt are all termed as impaction. The pain caused by impaction can be sharp and unbearable. The only solution to an impacted wisdom tooth is to extract them.

(4) Tooth Fracture or Cracks on the tooth
A fall, injury, or trauma can at times cause a fracture to the tooth or can simply cause a crack to the tooth. Eating and grinding actions can cause pain immediately. If that is the case, it means the fracture or crack has proceeded and impacted the root of the tooth. Sometimes they may not immediately affect the root but may do so in a couple of months or years. So whenever there is a fracture or crack, it is better to consult your dentist immediately.

(5) Oral Infections – Abscess
When there is an infection in the oral region and inside the gumline, toothache can manifest. An abscess in the tooth or the gum can cause immense pain. Your dentist can tell you the cause and can help drain and remove the abscess.

(6) Tooth Sensitivity
This is caused by erosion to the enamel layer. Sometimes the erosion might be so severe that the tooth’s nerve stand exposed. When the exposed nerves come in contact with Consuming hot or cold foods consumed, they can cause high sensitivity and pain to the teeth.

(7) Different Gum Diseases
Gingivitis is the infection to the gumline. When gingivitis is left untreated they can begin giving pain. When gingivitis are not treated beyond a point, they can give rise to periodontal diseases. All these gum diseases cause extreme pain to the teeth.

(8) Dislodged Teeth Filling
Sometimes if the teeth filling is not done properly or if it many months old, it might get dislodged and expose the root of the tooth. This exposure can cause pain.
Should you have tooth ache and you are unable to ascertain if it was because of decay or any other reason, call us and fix an appointment with us. While you visit us, we shall ensure to give a thorough dental check up to find out the root cause of your tooth ache.

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