Dental Hygiene in Dubai


Floss Before Brushing

Flossing is important to remove plaque and several harmful bacteria. Brushing alone is not helpful. You should floss your teeth to prevent bacterial growth and protect your teeth.

Use Mouthwash

Along with brushing and flossing, mouthwash helps your teeth too. Use it to have a good breath and greater confidence.

Sugar free chewing gum

When you eat or chew sugary things such as gum, you might be causing problems for your teeth. Eating too much chocolate might not be good for your teeth. You should get sugar free gum and chew it to help prevent cavities.

Use Fluoride

Fluoride helps protect your teeth because it helps create stronger enamel on your teeth. Bacteria attack the enamel of your teeth so having stronger enamel helps protect your teeth. Toothpaste with fluoride helps protect your teeth.

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