Can unexplained Toothache be caused by Allergens?

Toothache Caused By Allergens

You would be rather surprised to learn that allergens could also cause a toothache. If your visit to the dentist resulted in your dentist giving a clean chit to your oral health, then you might want to check if you have any allergy that is causing the toothache. But why would teeth pain if you have an allergy?

Common allergic reactions

(1) Pain in the Sinuses – Tenderness

If we are susceptible to any allergens the most common allergy reaction we would get is our sinuses being affected causing a runny nose. It might then manifest into a full-blown headache with a feeling of pressure in the nasal passage. Most of them have some kind of allergy reaction experience this.

(2) Dry Mouth

Sometimes people might experience dry mouth conditions too. Most people with pollen issues get dry mouth. When dry mouth manifests for long then the mouth becomes a breeding ground for oral bacteria. The oral area is susceptible to cavities in teeth and subsequent teeth damages.

(3)  A sore Throat

A sore throat is also one of the manifestations of allergy reaction. A sore throat can sometimes make the lymph nodes look swollen. A swollen lymph node can sometimes cause a toothache.

Why tender sinuses cause pain in the tooth?

The reaction of allergens in the body can cause congestion in the sinuses. The maxillary sinuses are located just beneath both sides of the nose on top of the mouth. The molar teeth are just present near this region. During allergy reactions, excess mucus is produced and the sinus lining is inflamed as a result. The excess mucous puts pressure on the root of the molars to produce a typical pain.

Symptoms of having toothache due to allergy

(1)  A headache due to sinuses which is typical of inflamed sinuses

(2)  Manifesting of a toothache when you are nodding your head from right to left or when you are going down the stairs

Preventing toothache due to allergy

(1)  Gargle your mouth with salt water. They have twin benefits of reducing the colony of oral bacteria and reducing the excess mucous.

(2)  Take lots of water and stay hydrated. More water can help the mucous which is causing the blockage to drain.

(3)  You need to brush, floss and rinse your teeth as usual despite the pain you might be experiencing. Do not give a break to maintaining oral hygiene.

Visit your dentist

Whenever you have a toothache, make it a point to visit your dentist. Your dentist should rule out the reason for a toothache that it is not due to allergy issues. If it is due to allergy issue, you can visit an ENT specialist to get yourself treated for the allergy.

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