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    Welcome to “Oris dental center”, we are dedicated to providing personalised and high- quality dental care to all of our patients. Our dental clinic in Dubai has been designed with the latest technology and offers a comfortable and tranquil environment. We deliver our patients with an entire experience that begins with personalised care, treatments and solutions for the required dental needs. Our services are exclusively planned to offer a better experience of oral care and dental treatments, in a framework of advanced, modern, and equipped with cutting edge technology.
    Dental Clinic In Dubai
  • Emirati Dentist in Dubai

    If you are looking for, quality dental care services by experienced Emirati dentists in Dubai? Then our specialists are delighted to join hands in establishing the multi-disciplinary specialist care with an excellent and friendly team. Our Qualified and expert dentists in Dubai ensures to improve and maintain your oral health, also address the major and emergency dental issue and finally surprise you with a healthy smile. Our dental clinic in Dubai offers a wide variety of services, including general Dentistry, Restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. We also provide emergency dentistry to serve your needs.
    Our team of dental professionals serve you in designing your perfect smile. Make the right choice for your dental health and book an appointment with our team of dental professionals today!
    Emirati Dentist in Dubai


To better serve our patients, we provide extensive dental services and treatments right from cosmetic dentistry to general dentistry that include,

  • Teeth whitening

    Teeth whitening

    Have you ever desired for a brighter and whiter smile? Now we're delivering the new Zoom! Teeth whitening. Get the smile you deserve. It last longer than teeth bleaching.
  • Hollywood smiles

    Hollywood smiles

    Hollywood Smiles offers the need of a gorgeous smile designed with a cosmetic makeover and helps those with misaligned and discoloured teeth.
  • Katana zirconia crowns

    Katana zirconia crowns

    The KATANA Zirconia, a ceramic approach for the restorative treatment, blends seamlessly with the surrounding dentition, due to its excellent translucency and variety of shade.
  • Dental Emergency In Dubai

    Dental Emergency In Dubai

    Oris offers emergency dental care & treatment for your family. Our dental emergency care services are available to support those, who need immediate dental care.
  • Veneers


    Veneers are small sheets of porcelain or composite resin that are permanently cemented, and attached to the front of your teeth to conceal holes, chips, or discolouration.
  • Orthodontist in Dubai

    Orthodontist in Dubai

    The most effective, quickest, cost-efficient, comfortable and even invisible approach available in modern orthodontics. Moreover, it is a personalized solution.

Our Team

  • ourteam

    Dr. Hussain Al Saleh

    Specialist Prosthodontist and Oral Implantologist
    For more than ten years, Dr Hussain Al Saleh has driven the path of quality dentistry, in Dubai as the first Emirati multispecialty dental center in Dubai.
  • ourteam

    Dr. John Paul

    Specialist Endodontist
    Dr. John Paul has acquired Life Membership in Indian Dental Association and Indian Academy of Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic.
  • ourteam

    Dr.Punit H Thawani

    Specialist Orthodontist
    An expert orthodontist and dental specialist own the Membership in Orthodontics of the Royal College of Surgeons, Edinburgh, UK.
  • ourteam

    Dr. Wael Salem

    General Dentist
    Dr. Wael Salem is the General Dentist has qualified and picked up an abundance of ability, and information in restorative and general dental strategies.
  • ourteam

    Dr. Michael Henry

    General Dentist
    Dr Michael Henry is a devoted expert. He graduated Bachelor degree of oral and dental medicine and surgery from Misr International University, Cairo, Egypt. Since he joined our team, he enjoys learning new and inventive ways to deal with the patients.
  • ourteam

    Dr Camilo Restrepo

    General Dentist
    Dr Camilo Restrepo is a general dental specialist with a specific interest in restorative dentistry. He honours his dedication, passion and regard for patients' necessities. Also, he is the most prominent resource in giving ideal consideration.
  • ourteam

    Dr.Fatemeh Ali Mobaraki

    General Dentist
    Dr.Fatemeh Ali Mobaraki has worked numerous cutting edge excellent practices and has insight in all fields of dentistry. She is a part of the International Association of paediatric dentistry.
  • ourteam

    Dr. Mahra Al Mutawa

    General Dentist
    Dr. Mahra Al Mutawa is an enthusiastic dental specialist and consistently endeavours to give her patients the ideal service and treatment.
  • ourteam

    Dr.Mirjam Escorche

    General Dentist
    Dr.MirjamEscorcheis exceptionally proficient, mindful, and enthusiastic. Delivering guidance on the best way to keep up great oral wellbeing with preferable procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often we need to visit the dentist for a check-up?

How often we need to visit the dentist for a check-up?

Either children or adults should see their dentist and hygienist for a regular check-up every six months.

Will implant surgery hurt?

Will implant surgery hurt?

Patients are provided with a strong local anaesthetic, and the patient will not feel any pain during surgery.

How safe are dental x-rays?

How safe are dental x-rays?

New digital dental x-rays minimize the radiation beam to the area being x-rayed and allow higher speed which requires shorter exposure time.

What precautions taken to ensure patient safety?

What precautions taken to ensure patient safety?

We care about our patient’s safety. We examine our patients' health history, use sterilised equipment and wear facemasks and gloves.

What if I have a Dental Emergency?

What if I have a Dental Emergency?

We consider the emergency patients are our priority even during regular office hours. We provide emergency dental care service 24*7 – Call us 971 4 284 7774

Is teeth whitening procedure suitable for me?

Is teeth whitening procedure suitable for me?

Teeth Whitening is a part of a smile makeover. We always ensure the suitability of your teeth, as it may not be recommended, for some patients with high sensitivity.

You can feel a sense of luxury and excellence while watching our doctors designing your smile. Using dental software called SMILEME that illustrates your new smile, creating high-quality dental restorations in the office using CAD/CAM technology, We use DIODE DENTAL LASER for teeth whitening and pigmentation remove in your gum.

At our clinic, art meets science to create the dental experience.

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The importance of your smile cannot be overstated. It's the first thing that many people will notice about you, it can leave a lasting impression and plays a key role in your self-esteem and confidence. Improving your smile is one of the greatest investments that you can make.

Our team at Oris Dental Centre can design a smile makeover that will recapture your dental health, transform your appearance, and improve your facial profile and your quality of life.

Designing a Smile Makeover - Choosing the Right Treatments

We design your treatment plans individually to meet your needs and expectations. When you visit our cosmetic specialist at Oris Dental Centre in Dubai, you'll receive the attentive, personalized care you need. Your smile design appointment will begin with a comprehensive dental exam, including a bite evaluation and tooth-by-tooth exam also we will take careful note of your facial structure, lip line, and jaw alignment, skin tone, eye tilt, and the distance between your nose and upper lip. Finally, we will discuss your goals and expectations so we will have a complete understanding of what you want to achieve with your smile makeover.

We can create the most beautiful smile that you were dreaming about. As we can show you a simulation of your new smile so you can take your final decision without hesitation.

Imagine, in just, two visits you'll have the custom-made smile of your dreams. People will be amazed by the fast and beautiful transformation of your new smile and personality.

A smile makeover may need one or more of dental cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening, veneers or lumineers. It depends on a case-by-case basis.

A veneer is a thin piece, usually made of dental porcelain. It is placed over a misshapen or damaged tooth to improve how it looks and functions.

Oris Dental Center is proud to be awarded ISO 9001, ISO 1001 &ISO 10002 certifications, an internationally recognized standard that ensures that our services meet the needs of our clients through an effective quality management system.

Oris Dental Center is also proud to be awarded ISO 14001, another internationally recognized standard related to environmental management to help minimize the negative effect on the environment.

ISO Certificate ISO Certificate ISO Certificate


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  • Why Choose Us?

    You are in fine hands. Do you know why?
    Here at Oris Dental Center, the dental procedures are carried out with high standards preferring the most modern equipment and tools.
    We offer an inclusive dental care service, ensuring the highest quality to meet the expectations of our patients. All our staffs are skilled and enable us to keep updated with the latest advancements in the dental world. Our professionals have extensive preparation and have qualified through specialist training, which helps your teeth gain aesthetic look and functionality for the long term.
    We show great pride in our work so that your satisfaction is the most essential characteristic of our service. That is why we concentrate on healthy gums, teeth and face. Our team of dentist and hygienist are friendly; welcomes and make you feel secure and offer you peace of mind.
    We are more transparent about the treatment and procedures and maintain ethical standards providing a comfortable environment.
    We offer 24 /7 emergency dental services for our patients, so you could easily approach for any dental problems out of working hours.
    Dental Clinic In Dubai
  • Emergency Dentists In Dubai

    Critical care and comprehensive dental services are professionally provided on time by our team of highly trained, knowledgeable and skilled dentists.
    If you have an emergency dental trauma, accidental injury or pain, we guarantee that you will receive quick, effective and affordable care.
    Dental emergency cases are treated immediately, and in necessary cases, we perform the recovery process on the same day.
    Please don't wait to call us if you need an emergency dental service @ +971 4 284 7774 for appointments, or visit us for immediate dental care.
    Emirati Dentist in Dubai
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