Teeth cleaning magic & its significance

Teeth cleaning magic & its significance

As you all are aware brushing, flossing and rinsing your mouth alone is not sufficient to keep our oral cavity healthy. These procedures do not help remove the hard accumulation of yellow or green deposits that accumulate on the teeth. These tartar are a house of germs, which can cause severe gum infections causing loss of tooth in the longer run.

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When you visit a dentist, he or she educates you as to how to maintain proper oral hygiene and care. Proper oral hygiene measures along with regular follow up to a dentist, will do the magic of good oral health.

What is the significance of Dental cleaning?

Ultrasonic treatment
This is the first part of routine cleaning. It uses an instrument called ultrasonic scaler, which uses vibrations to remove the hard tartar from the teeth. Along with mist of water, it washes the tartar from the teeth and uses a humming sound. These vibrations and sound, does cause some sensitivity for the patient, but this does a very effective removal of stains and tartar from the teeth.

Hand Instruments
Hand instruments are either scalers or curettes. These have sharp and curved bent ends. With the help of hand grips and certain techniques, the tartar in between the teeth are removed. They are very sharp, and tend to give a pulling force on the teeth. But this does not cause sensitivity for the patient.

Following scaling using ultrasonic and hand, the surface of the tooth tends to be a little rough. So in order to smoothen it, a polishing prophylactic paste is used. There are small brushes or rubber cups that can be attached to the hand piece, to enable such smoothening and polishing of teeth surface. Polishing teeth after scaling helps prevent further accumulation of germs on to the tooth surface, thereby preventing tartar formation.

Fluoride application
Fluoride application is done by case by case basis. Fluoride is applied to strengthen the tooth enamel. This prevents caries and decay formation. Fluoride application is usually done with the help of preformed trays and the patient is asked to hold on to the trays for specific action to take place. It’s better to refrain from food, drink and smoking for the next thirty minutes or so.

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