Inlay and Onlay in Dubai


Patients who are disturbed from tooth trauma or decay would be the ideal patient for the Inlay and Onlay treatment. This method has been developed for the alternative to the dental crown, which requires less tooth grinding compared to crown procedure. This method helps to glow the appearance of the teeth and form a strong structure. In Dubai, Oris Dental Center fixing Inlay and Onlay treatment in a single visit for the patient convenience.

What is Inlay and Onlay Treatment?

If the tooth has lost its small amount of shape, then inlay and onlay is the only treatment option to fix it. It made from porcelain, gold, composite resin and zirconium material. Amongst the four, Porcelain and Zirconium are fulfilling, the purpose of tooth colour on the small region and it should be visible when people laugh or smile. And Gold material has the special features of strong composite and less fracture compared to other materials.

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It will take roughly around one hour to fix the inlay and onlay for every sitting.

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