Ramadhan Fasting & Oral Healthcare

oral care during ramadhan

Ramadhan Fasting & Oral Healthcare

Wish you all the blessings for the holy month!

Ramadhan festive celebrated with a month of fasting, considered as the holy month for islams. According to the Islamic lunar calendar, 9th month practiced as the Ramadhan month (holy month).

Fasting is one of the five rules in Islamic custom.

During the holy month, the Muslims fast every day from dawn to dusk. They abstain on certain things, one among is eating. They preplan the prayers, food time and fasting.

Fasting boosts and improves a few things in our body. Firstly, they help to learn self-control, self-discipline. It also helps your mind and benefit as powerful healing.

They eventually reform the blood sugar level, blood pressure and cholesterol.

Isn’t the best way to detox your body & mind, rejuvenating the mind and body to bring a balance for the rest of the days.

Dental Care During Ramadhan

As they demand rigorous fasting, even accidental swallowing while brushing even nullify the fasting. So, it needs extra care to follow the dental care.

Here are ideas to helps them to keep up the dental care without giving up.

  • You can follow the dental routine before sleeping at night (Iftaar) and after the pre-dawn meal (suhoor), to avert your teeth from cavities, tooth decay and other dental issues.
  • Do follow the two times of brushing and flossing outside the fasting hours to evade dental problems.
  • Do not skip scrubbing your tongue, accompanied by brushing and flossing.
  • You can also use mouthwashes in an imperative situation.
  • Cut down consuming tea, coffee, soda and other caffeinated drinks. Instead drink more water, juices after fasting, because hydration helps to balance the health.
  • Eat more cooked vegetables and fresh fruits to make you active and energetic throughout the fasting. Neglect the unhealthy foods on the menu.
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