Teeth Replacement

Have you lost a tooth or teeth and looking for dental solutions to restore teeth structure in your mouth? With expert dental services of teeth replacement in Dubai, you can get a variety of issues served all at once.

At Oris Dental Centre, we serve our dental patients with long term solution of teeth replacement to make your smile look impressive again.

Depending on the level of treatment you require, we will take the impression of your lost or missing tooth and get the artificial alternative fixed in your jaw bone.

We Help You Regain Your Smile with Teeth Replacement

Our team of experts will first examine your teeth structure and then offer the best solution. The replaced teeth will serve as same as the natural teeth in functioning as well as appearance.

Range of Teeth Replacement Services We Offer

An individual with lost teeth faces a diverse kind of problems in his life. But with a well served dental treatment of teeth replacement in Dubai by our expert dentists, he will feel better with the restored tooth or teeth. There are different forms of teeth replacement we serve which are needed as per the individual needs. These include:

Dental Bridges – In cases of loss of a number of teeth, we serve the patients by creating a bridge across the empty space in the teeth structure. The bridge so formed, replaces the lost teeth and also provides support and strength.

Do you know if you can get served with dental bridges? Book an appointment with us!

Dentures – We also serve removable alternative for lost teeth, Dentures to fill up the gap between teeth in case of tooth loss. These dental solutions can be designed for a few teeth or the complete teeth structure.

Dental Implants – We also serve highly preferred solution of dental implants to serve patients with long lasting solutions for their teeth replacement needs. Implants are highly served and preferred in cases when a tooth is lost in road accidents, injuries or with extraction of decayed tooth.

Benefits of Teeth Replacement

  • With our services of teeth replacement in Dubai, you can get immediate benefits for all the problems you have been facing with lost tooth or teeth.
  • You will feel good and more confident with your improved smile.
  • You will feel comfortable in facing people and friends with replaced teeth.
  • You can avoid possible dental problems and diseases.

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