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Zirconia Crown

Superior Quality Zirconia Crown in Dubai

With respect to the loss of strength of tooth after getting root canal therapy or in cases of bigger tooth cavities, the teeth structures needs full ceramic crowns for strength and structural restoration.

At Oris Dental Centre, we serve our dental patients with high quality and standard Zirconia crowns in Dubai to help their teeth get the required strength back again. We will get the custom size Zirconia crown ready as soon as possible.

Crowns Designed With CAD CAM Technology in Dubai

To fully cover the structure of the tooth in the most precise manner, use of advanced CAD CAM technology in Dubai brings long term benefits for your oral health.

More About Zirconia Crowns

Unlike the other types of dental crowns made in the dental laboratory such as porcelain fused to metal and others, Zirconia crowns in Dubai are made purely with ceramic without any other component material.

Such a composition imparts natural look to the crowns and also helps them to get easily blended within the teeth structure.

But even for getting such dental restorations, it is best to get the teeth well examined by an expert dentist. This will also ensure that you get the best dental restoration treatment from the qualified dentists.

Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

How Our Expert Dentist Fit Full Ceramic Crowns?

After the crown has been designed, our team of dentists follows the standard procedure of fitting the crown within the teeth structure. The procedure will start with preparing and reshaping of affected teeth to allow the crown to properly fit onto its top.

Since we prefer the crowns to be designed with CAD CAM Technology in Dubai, the crowns get easily adhered to the tooth.

After the procedure is over, we recommend the patients about how to care for the crowns as well as complete oral health.

Why Choose for Full Ceramic Crowns Restorations?

We will ensure that the dental restoration services we offer for your specific needs will serve the purpose well and last for long time.

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Full Ceramic crown procedure

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