Full Ceramic Crowns

Cosmetic Dentistry is very popular in Dubai, because who doesn’t want a beautiful looking smile? If you are self-conscious about broken, cracked, worn or decayed teeth, at Oris Dental Center we help you to bring back your natural-looking, healthy smile with dental crowns, also called dental caps. There are different materials in which dental crowns are made, out of which full ceramic crowns are cosmetic metal free crowns. These Full ceramic crowns give better strength than any other porcelain only crowns.

Superior Quality Zirconia Crowns in Dubai

Crowns made with zirconium, or zirconia provide aesthetic and strong upgrade from versions of Porcelain Fused to Metal or PFM crowns. The prime advantage of zirconia crowns is the they entire crown is milled from a scan as opposed to cast from a dental Impressions. The fit and accuracy is much more superior, and the aesthetic advantage over metal core crowns is incredible.

Full Ceramic Crowns, CAD CAM Technology in Dubai

Computer-aided design (CAD) and Computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) are software terms which makes it possible for our dentists to perform complex dental procedures faster, more accurately and easier. Oris Dental Center is one of the pioneers in CAD CAM Technology based crown preparation in Dubai.

Same Day Crowns in Dubai

We are Oris Dental Center are proud to provide Same Day Crowns for our patients in need of restoration. At our clinic we use CEREC technology which allows our patient to have a complete dental prosthesis made of full ceramic in one visit! Gone are the day where patient must return for multiple visits to complete the restoration process.

  • Duration Of The Treatment: Two to three weeks
  • Treatment For:

    Protecting the cracked tooth or a weak tooth.

    Protecting teeth from deep decay.

    Restoring a tooth that is broken already.

    Changing the aesthetic look.

    Performing bite operations.

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Benefits of Zirconia Crowns

  • They look like your natural teeth, and no one can know it is a fake tooth.
  • They are strong, and the risk of breakage is very less.
  • They are very comfortable than metal crowns as they fit better.
  • No further adjustment is required as they are made from exact specifications.
  • They help your gums to grow again around your tooth because they are made up of soft tissue favorable material

Advantages of Zirconia Crowns

  • Increased Durability and Strength
  • Original Tooth Preservation
  • Better Stain Resistance
  • Natural Appearance
  • 100% Biocompatible
  • Metal Free
  • Extraordinarily Tough
  • Easily Modified
  • Perfect Fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose ceramic crowns?

Why choose ceramic crowns?

Ceramic crowns are friendly and suitable for all. They are also very useful for those who have metal allergies.

What happens in my first appointment?

What happens in my first appointment?

During your first appointment for a full ceramic crown, your teeth will be monitored, and impressions and molds are taken to prepare the custom made crown. Different shades of ceramic are shown to you to choose the best that matches the color of your natural teeth. A temporary crown is made and placed on the prepared tooth to maintain the gum shape.

When can I get the permanent crown?

When can I get the permanent crown?

Probably within two weeks, your permanent crowns are ready to be fixed.

How to maintain my temporary crown?

How to maintain my temporary crown?

As temporary crowns are removed with two weeks, they will not be fixed stronger. You should avoid sticky and chewable foods because they will loosen your crown.

Chew on the opposite side where the crown is placed.

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