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Treatment of Sleep Apnoea – role of a dentist

October 30th,2018

What is sleep apnoea? Sleep apnoea is a long term condition, where people do not breathe at different times during their sleep cycles. There are two main types: Obstructive sleep apnoea and Central sleep apnoea. Obstructive sleep apnoea is the most common one, where the airway’s soft tissue collapses, there- by preventing oxygen to enter (more)

Surgical removal of wisdom teeth in orthodontic treatment

October 25th,2018

Wisdom teeth are the set of last four teeth which erupts into our oral cavity at around 18-25 years of age. Lower jaw growth size varies from individual to individual. Depending on the availability of space and the jaw size, wisdom teeth either erupt into the cavity or remain impacted inside.

Pregnancy and Oral health care

October 16th,2018

Oral health during pregnancy is very essential, to impart good health to both mother and baby. Excessive caries and germs in a mother’s teeth, can be transferred to the baby in the womb.

Orthodontic bonding of Braces – How long is the Process?

October 14th,2018

Orthodontic appointment for bonding and fixing up the appliance usually takes about 30-45 mins per arch. Since it’s a time consuming procedure, many orthodontists prefer to have them split into two appointments upper arch and lower arch procedures. The process of attaching braces to the teeth, requires effective bonding of material to the enamel of (more)

Does Braces cause loosening of teeth and fall out?

October 9th,2018

Braces are generally worn on patients who are around 13 – 17 years of age. These age groups are ideally chosen because, they have their best growth spurts which aid in fast movement and alignment of their teeth. So movement of teeth is a desirable sequel of any orthodontic treatment. If the tooth has to (more)

All you need to know about dental bridges

October 1st,2018

Missing a tooth may be due to various reasons like injury, natural exfoliation, medical issues etc. Not replacing a missing tooth, may leave some gap creating an unsightly look. Loss of tooth can cause some jaw discomfort, pain on chewing or other problems associated with the bite. There are many solutions to replace a missing (more)

Special needs children Vs Orthodontic treatment

September 27th,2018

In general the orthodontic treatment is much of a concern among the parents, because of its long term course and food habit changes that is accompanied with it. Parents of a special need child have a lot of added concerns. Their very first question is to whether their child can undergo an orthodontic treatment. Is (more)

Sedation Dentistry – Safe, relaxed and painless option for children

September 20th,2018

A lot of people are so phobic about going to a dental clinic. This fear of a dentist is amplified in children. The very basic chair set up of a dental clinic is just frightening for small kids. Getting the child to sit in the dental chair for a consultation itself becomes very challenging for (more)

Root Canal therapy – A brief look out

September 12th,2018

The moment a dentist suggest a root canal therapy, apprehensiveness sets in for many patients. It’s good to be aware of the norms of the treatment. Root canal therapy is a minimally invasive procedure, which is done to alleviate pain by removing the nerve tissue, followed by shaping, cleaning, filling up to the root canals (more)

Flossing with Braces – is it right or wrong?

September 8th,2018

Flossing is a very simple procedure just like brushing your teeth. It can be done by all patients if educated properly. Brushing alone does not remove all the plaque from the teeth, the process gets completed only after flossing. It is highly recommended to floss at least once a day as a routine habit, next (more)

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