Acid in food can erode your teeth

Teeth erosion by acidic food

Many foods have moderate to high amount of acid content in them. Colas and other carbonated beverages top the list of foods that have high acid content. The very nature of acid is to erode and that is precisely what they do to the enamel coating on your teeth. Enamel is a thin but really strong layer covering the outer layer of the teeth. The layer is said to be one of the hardest in our body but acid can wreak havoc on them.

Foods high in acid
All colas and beverages that are aerated, alcoholic beverages like beer, sports drinks, drinks made of citrus fruits like orange, sweet lime, lime and lemon, most of the processed food, beverages and food high in sugar, are some of the food high in acid content.

Other reasons for enamel damage
It has been found that prolonged use of some medications like aspirin can cause erosion to the tooth enamel. Medical condition like acid reflux is also said to cause erosion of tooth enamel.

The high-risk group for enamel erosion
Many studies have pointed to the fact that teens within the age group of 13 to 19 are highly prone to enamel erosion. The reason attributed is the high incidence of teens preferring acidic colas and sugary drinks in their diet.

Does enamel regenerate?
Unfortunately no. The enamel layer on your teeth does not grow or regenerate back. The body lacks a mechanism to grow back the strong enamel layer.

Symptoms of Enamel layer erosion
(1) Once the enamel layer begins to erode, you can begin to watch yellow patches on your teeth.This yellow patch will grow and eventually cover the entire teeth. The yellow color on the teeth is not some kind of staining. The inner yellow dentin layer beneath the enamel is beginning to show which means the enamel layer is lost.

(2) Increased sensitivity to hot and cold food.

(3) A badly eroded tooth shows roughness on its edges.

Measures to safeguard against enamel erosion
(1) The best advice would be is to avoid colas and beverages that are high in acid and sugar, some might find it difficult to quit the habit. So the better way would be to dip a straw and drink. This way you can avoid the acidic and sugary drink touching your teeth

(2) If you are suffering from acid reflux, you need to take medications for the same by consulting a good gastro specialist.

(3) Fluoride coating of your teeth can protect the enamel layer. Many studies point to the benefit of fluoride coating. They protect your enamel layer from further decay and erosion.

(4) Toothpaste with calcium can optimally help in reinforcing the lost enamel. They can actually help in lessening the damage caused.

(5) If the enamel layer is completely damaged, the best solution would be to get a crown or cap. This can prevent further damage to your tooth.

Call our dental specialist at Oris Dental Centre and schedule an appointment to assess the damage your teeth enamel has suffered. At Oris, we provide you first-hand information on the health of your enamel layer and suggest the best solution.

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