Root Canal Treatment (Endodontics) in Dubai


Change in foods habits and alternated lifestyle has increased the risk of tooth disease. On a study, we found that root canal treatment has become more common. Today's modern technology and advancement transforming the root canal treatment more effective and comfortable.

If you are suffering from bad toothache and decay, you need an endodontic treatment, generally called root canal treatment (RCT).

On monitoring the root canal treatment, It is a treatment for a decayed and infected tooth, which repairs and saves tooth damage. Furthermore, the nerves and pulp of the tooth along with the bacteria are removed, cleaned and sealed. It incorporates various steps to accomplish the treatment by flushing the bacteria and protecting the tooth with a seal. On detail, it undergoes three sessions, cleaning, filling and crowning the root canal. Thus, the treatment accomplishes on securing your teeth.

Treatment Duration: 1 Visit to 3 Visit [Based on the complications]

Treatment For: Tooth decay, Tooth nerve Infected, Tooth Discoloration

How The bacteria Damages Your Tooth?

  • Once the bacteria attack your tooth/teeth, the nerve tissue and pulp of your tooth is damaged.
  • Secondly, the bacteria multiply inside the pulp chamber and decays the whole tooth.
  • Now your tooth gets infected and abscessed and spread to the core of the root of the tooth.
  • After the counterattack swelling of (Face, neck, head) occurs. Sometimes, it gets even worse on having a bone loss at the tip of the root.

How The Treatment Taken Through?

The root canal treatment is solidly performed by the Endodontist. They diagnose the problem, plan and proceed with the process, at last, prevent the dental nerve and pulp of the tooth.

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Nowadays, RCT is more comfortable and pain-free compared to some of the dental treatment. Advancement in RCT helps patients to complete the procedure in one sitting. Still, a lot of research in pain management holding down in Endodontics.

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