Wisdom Tooth Extraction in Dubai


Have you experienced pain or inflammation during the birth of the last wisdom teeth?

Wisdom Tooth extraction is an oral surgery happen to one who suffers with the eruption of wisdom tooth.

The third molar permanent teeth come out at the age of 17 to 25. It is not as simple as the other tooth eruption. In some cases, there is no space left for the new teeth. So, it suffocates and try to erupt, that creates pain, infection, inflammation etc. Therefore, wisdom tooth extraction is initiated by the dentist to neglect the future oral issues.

Impact behind impacted wisdom teeth

  • They may grow in an irregular position (Towards teeth, back of the mouth, wrong angle or position, disturbing the jaw)
  • Food can get trapped and develops cavities and infection
  • It can lead to gum disease
  • It can spoil the neighbouring tooth and bone etc.

Why wisdom tooth Extraction proposed by your dentist?

Removal of wisdom tooth can be the only option to escape from future oral problems. To save the nearby tooth and stop the aggressive eruption.

Moreover, if there is no space or life for the last teeth, it needs to be out instead of accumulating the complications. Though you could follow proper hygiene instead of showing special care to the impacted wisdom teeth

Benefits Of Wisdom Tooth Extraction

  • Reduces the risk of gum and tooth disease
  • Removing the wisdom tooth removes the facial pain
  • The frequency of your headache caused by the wisdom tooth movement will fade eventually
  • To avoid overcrowding, severe infection and inflammation
  • To protect the nearby neighbouring teeth

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The anaesthesia used for numbing the teeth zone will last for about 8 to 10 hours.

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