Cosmetic Dentistry

Top 5 dental options to repair your cracked tooth

Got a cracked tooth? Well, it is a very commonly encountered complaint in dental practice. Biting onto hard food items of a sudden...Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry

How can a gummy smile be improved?

Are you aware of a gummy smile? It can be a cause of aesthetic concern to most of us. When the appearance of gums while smiling lo...Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry

teeth whitening strips

How Effective Are Teeth Whitening Strips?

Teeth-whitening strips are one of the Over The Counter (OTC) options to lighten the shade of your teeth. These are available ...Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry

dental crown for broken teeth

Restoring broken tooth with dental crown at Oris

A broken or fractured tooth can happen due to injury, nail biting or grinding habits, extended cracks, and poor strength of the to...Read more

Cosmetic Dentistry

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