Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges

Let Experts Restore Your Smile with Dental Bridges

What makes a person hide his smile from people around? Is it because of the missing teeth that you do not want to meet friends and acquaintances? You need dental services from an expert prosthodontist in Dubai to get dental bridges for smile restoration.

Get your impressive smile back by visiting qualified dentists of Oris Dental Centre.

What Are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridges are known for their benefits of replicating the structure as well as the function of natural teeth. Expert Prosthodontists in Dubai make use of dental porcelain as the material making up the dental bridges. This ensures that you will get durable dental aesthetic restorations for longer time in your life. The flexibility of porcelain bridges even improves the original structure of teeth

If you are looking for replacing a tooth or adding artificial structure in place of one or more lost tooth, visiting expert dentists for dental bridges in Dubai will give the empty space in your mouth a strong structure to rely upon. We serve all our patients with such needs in such a way that it becomes hard to know the difference between natural teeth and a dental bridge.

What Happens When Dental Bridges Are Not Added on Time?

Either in case of a severe accident in which one or more teeth are lost or for natural loss of teeth, the empty space in the teeth structure should be served without delay. It can cause the adjacent teeth to be dislocated from their original positions, speech impairment, facial structure deformities and similar other problems. To fill up the gap of a missing tooth or teeth within the teeth structure, a dental bridge is created using the support from adjacent natural teeth on either side of the gap.

This prevents shifting of teeth, thus maintaining a healthier mouth and a beautiful smile.

With complete dental examination and dental restoration from our prosthodontist in Dubai, you can get your smile back!

Benefits of Dental Bridges for Missing Tooth Replacement in Dubai

  1. Dental bridges need not to be removed for regular cleaning. Once fixed, they will serve the purpose of a natural tooth and can be cleaned just as the natural teeth are cleaned. The advantage of not having the need to clean them up is what makes dental bridges more preferred than removable dental restorations.
  2. It takes less time for dental patients to feel comfortable with bridges cemented in their teeth structure. Also, bridges are lighter in weight in comparison to dentures.
  3. Dental bridges provide functional use of natural teeth to chew food properly.
  4. Such dental restorations improve your smile to a well off extent.
  5. They cover the gap resulting from missing tooth or teeth.
  6. Long term benefits for oral health maintenance

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