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Do we look good with missing teeth?

We all have that childhood experience of a fallen tooth. But, as an adult, it is tough to handle the scenario.

Have you ever heard of a fallen permanent tooth or had a self-experience?

You struggle to eat, speak, chew and smile. In such a case, the dental bridge is the support system for the teeth to restore regular functionality.

Dental bridges can help you sport that elegant smile again. We at Oris Dental Center have the best Prosthodontist in Dubai to fix all your missing tooth problems.

What are Dental Bridges?

Dental bridge is restoring your tooth/teeth to recover the natural dental role.

A false tooth or pontic fills up the gap of the missing tooth. Thus crowns or metals surface is used to acquire support from the healthy abutment tooth. Dental bridge is nothing but creating a bridge between this false tooth and supportive crown or metal to restore your dental life.

In dental bridge, the false tooth is prepared with porcelain, ceramic and other materials. And, rarely metals like alloy and gold is used for crowns. Though it is a replacement, you will be gratified with the aesthetic look and connectivity by your specialist.

When your dentist recommends a dental bridge treatment, you can right away take up the procedures. As you could avoid the issues correlated with missing teeth, So, fill the space and fix your dental health.

The use of dental bridges has been minimized in the clinic and we encourage you to go ahead for dental implants unless there is no bone density or any other medical complications. These dental bridges are also supported by implants and supported by teeth.

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Impression of your tooth is taken to create the false tooth and crown. Now, your dentist will prepare the temporary bridge to check how they fit. After a few days of the visit, you get your accurate dental bridge ready to be placed. After placement, you need a few visits to examine the grip, bites, movements etc.

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