Cavity Protection with Toothpaste Massage Method

rubbing toothpaste on teeth

People who are more vulnerable to cavities are more than happy to get extra protection. A new method where toothpaste is used to massage the teeth and the adjoining gum layer is found to be four times effective in controlling cavity. Here are more details on how to massage the teeth and what paste to use for massage.

Research backing Toothpaste Massage

Some researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden involved a controlled group of participants and assessed the effect of toothpaste massaging method. The toothpaste that was chosen was a “high-fluoride” toothpaste. The volunteers chosen were those who were vulnerable to tooth decay or cavities.

  • They brushed thrice a day with the high-fluoride toothbrush. They continued the action for a couple of days to analyze the results. The effective protection the high-fluoride toothpaste offered to three times brushing was studied later.
  • Then the volunteers proceeded with another set of exercise. Now they brushed the regular twice (morning and evening) a day and they substituted the third brushing with the new massaging with toothpaste method.

Massaging with Toothpaste – Steps Involved

  • Take pea-size toothpaste in your finger.
  • Coat your teeth with a layer of the high-fluoride toothpaste with your finger.
  • Rub your finger gently on the top layer of the teeth with your finger.
  • As an option you could also quote the inner layer of the teeth with the toothpaste.
  • Do not rinse the mouth with water immediately. May be you can leave it for 10-15 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • You can definitely massage the gums also along with the teeth. Massaging gums regularly is associated with better oral care and it is a procedure that strengthens the gums.

Result of the Research

The research generally proved that brushing three times a day with high-fluoride toothpaste offered better protection against cavities for people who are susceptible to cavities. The research also proved that brushing twice with high-fluoride toothpaste and massaging once with the same high-fluoride toothpaste every day had the same effect.

The most important point to note is brushing the teeth twice (morning and evening) with high-fluoride toothpaste is mandatory. Completely replacing brushing with the new toothpaste massaging technique is not recommended by the dentists at Oris Dental Center. Similarly, you need to floss once or twice a day which is also a mandatory procedure to maintain proper oral hygiene. So the new toothpaste massaging technique is only an over-and-above procedure which can give you extra protection against cavities.

Should you still feel you need to know more about dental hygiene in general, you could book an appointment with us at Oris Dental Center. Our dentist in Dubai will be happy to help you.

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