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tooth extraction

What kind of food to eat after a tooth extraction?

Have you ever got your tooth removed or extracted? What did you eat after that? Following the standard diet that you are used to c...Read more

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Signs you need a mouthguard

 Many people grind their teeth while they sleep, which can cause excruciating migraines, jaw pain, and cracked teeth. Also, g...Read more

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Mediterranean Diet for Best Dental Health Care

Simple Mediterranean Diet for Best Dental Health Care

A Mediterranean diet is a diet rich in beans, nuts, olive oil, fish, fruits, and vegetables. As per historical reports, this diet ...Read more

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emergency toothache

Emergency Toothache Relief | 5 Simple Ways to Reduce the Pain

Toothache comes under one of the most severe pains of the human body and if it is a sudden toothache then it can cause a lot of di...Read more

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