traditional vs invisible braces

Invisible Braces or Traditional Braces. Know which suits you!

Braces along with the wires have been used traditionally to correct twisted teeth or to correct smiles since ages. The awareness a...Read more


cleaning braces

Tips to care teeth Braces: Advice From our Orthodontist in Dubai

Whenever teeth braces as a treatment is considered, there comes a very important factor ,i.e., age at which it is started. Mainten...Read more


invisalign vs braces

Benefits of Invisalign clear aligners over traditional braces

Everyone loves to eat their favourite foods, smile beautifully, speak comfortably and look modest and clean. All these can be made...Read more


Orthodontic bonding of Braces – How long is the Process | Orthodontics In Dubai

Orthodontic bonding of Braces – How long is the Process?

Orthodontic appointment for bonding and fixing up the appliance usually takes about 30-45 mins per arch. Since it’s a time consu...Read more


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