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Katana Crowns Katana Zirconia crown

Zirconia crowns has been the choice of restoration for posterior crowns, due to its superior strength and stability to withstand functional stresses. But now the Zirconia that is manufactured is aesthetically good enough for anterior crowns. The key aspect of any anterior restoration is to allow light to pass through, thus exhibiting translucency. Any restoration that is next to a natural tooth, should be able to compete with it in terms of shade and translucency, so that they look natural too. If not they stand out odd among the natural teeth, making the smile aesthetically unpleasant. Aesthetically impeccable property makes KATANA ZIRCONIA crowns to be introduced competitively with other anterior ceramic restorations in market.

Katana Zirconia is being manufactured by one of the top porcelain companies in the world, Noritake. Amazing feature about this restoration is the highly aesthetic results that it can produce. Its superior translucency and variety of shade options, blends with the surrounding dentition perfectly.

Although Zirconia crowns are in use ever since 2000, it gained popularity with the recent high- translucency options. Earlier materials exhibited unnatural chalk like whiteness with dull appearance, but newer versions combine mechanical strength with visual effects to effectively mimic the shading differences between the enamel and dentine layers. Katana Zirconia crowns with its supreme enamel-like translucency and durability makes it highly suitable for full-contour zirconia crowns, veneers and inlays/onlays in the anterior region. KATANA Zirconia’s multi-layered technology enables it to showcase itself as a highly aesthetic and bio-compatible restorative material.

Key Features of KATANA Zirconia Crowns

Katana Crowns Katana Zirconia crown
  • Disc is multi-layered and this helps achieve a natural tooth appearance
  • Has incredible strength(1200 mpa) and still has translucency like no other crowns
  • Full contour zirconia crown versus a porcelain fused ceramic restoration
  • Contains an enamel layer, first transition layer, second transition layer and finally a body layer. This enables the shade to be maintained even if the crowns require adjustments.

These products are made from a proprietary powder and processing formulation in house that make them unlike their competitors. This chemistry produces a superior aesthetic restoration that provides predictable and durable results for both the lab technician and dentist.

This pioneering spirit allows KATANA Zirconia to have a natural enamel like translucency and colour as possible—the KATANA Zirconia UTML (Ultra Translucent Multi Layered) series possesses a translucency of 43 per cent and is available in 16 standard shades and four enamel shades, making it an ideal and harmonious fit for almost all anterior restorations between natural teeth.

Katana Crowns Katana Zirconia crown
Katana Crowns Katana Zirconia crown
Katana Crowns Katana Zirconia crown
Katana Crowns Katana Zirconia crown

Our KATANA Zirconia disc range consists of several options designed for full-contour zirconia prostheses, from single crown to full arch: KATANA Zirconia UTML, STML (Super Translucent Multi Layered), ML (Multi Layered) and HT (High Translucent).

KATANA Zirconia UTML (Ultra translucent multi layered)

This has the most translucency among the KATANA series and is recommended as the most suitable for fabricating anterior crowns or laminate veneers. Two different shades of standard and enamel shades are available for selection.

Anterior restoration with katana zirconia
Katana zirconia types

KATANA Zirconia STML (Super translucent multi layered)

This has a well-balanced combination of translucency and mechanical properties. This version of KATANA has gradations of translucency as well as colour, exhibiting a masking effect in the cervical area. Using this series the desired shades can be easily obtained.

Both the above series has a comparable translucency to e.max, as well as higher mechanical strength. Flexural strength is seen to be 30-75% stronger than e.max. Both KATANA Zirconia UTML and STML are designed to achieve superior results with both gradational chroma and translucency for aesthetic restorations.

Katana Crowns Before Before
Katana Crowns After After

KATANA Zirconia ML (Multi layered)

The multilayer build-up of KATANA Zirconia means that, like in natural dentition, the translucency of restorations made with this material is higher in the incisal than in the cervical areas. This can be used as a dentin like base, hence it’s more suitable for full-contour crowns and bridges.

KATANA Zirconia HT (High translucency)

This can be used ideally for highly individualized restorations. Its high aesthetic translucency ensures all aesthetic features. Both the ML and HT series has the highest mechanical strength among the other series.

Each of the KATANA Zirconia series possesses different translucency and mechanical properties, allowing clinicians to cover a wide range of restorative cases in the anterior and posterior regions.With KATANA a natural beautiful smile with excellent durability can be assured. Thus making it the supreme choice of most clinicians and patients.

“The KATANA Zirconia range demonstrates our commitment to providing aesthetic and reliable products for clinicians worldwide,” said Eileen Tan, European Product Manager at Kuraray Dental Benelux. “With KATANA Zirconia, you can bring true naturalness to your prostheses.”

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