Tooth ache – not necessarily it should be always cavities

Tooth ache – not necessarily it should be always cavities

There are several reasons when a patient looks for a dentist, but the core group of patients visit only when there is a tooth ache that is disturbing their routine. Usually tooth ache is not so easily bearable and said to be very severe, especially when there is an acute condition associated with it.

Tooth ache may not be always associated with cavities. There are few other conditions that may trigger pain.

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Poor periodontal condition and oral hygiene:
Inadequate brushing leads to accumulation of plaque and tartar, which in turn leads to poor gum health. This causes bleeding gums on brushing and generalised sensitivity on having hot and cold drinks. Since the supporting fibres of the tooth are very weak, they lead to infection causing tooth ache with periodontal abscess. A full mouth scaling and root planning will be an effective mode of treatment in such cases.

Impacted teeth:
This condition usually occurs around the age group of 18-25 years. The erupting third molars or the wisdom tooth, are quite troublesome for many of them. The gums surrounding the tooth gets infected because of food impaction, causing swelling, pain and inability to open the mouth normally. If there is only gums covering up the erupting tooth and it is in proper position, surgical removal of the peri-coronal flap will help solve the problem. If the tooth is not in erupting position, then surgical removal of that tooth is the only option left.

Tempero-mandibular joint disorders or sinusitis:
An inflamed TMJ can cause pain in all teeth associated with the lower jaw. This pain is usually nagging type and cannot be localised to a particular tooth. Similarly Sinusitis – inflammation of the sinus, can also cause pain in and around the upper molars region. Reducing inflammation of TMJ with ice packs and short exercises will help relieve the inflammation.

Attrition and Abrasion of teeth:
Generalised attrition and abrasion of teeth could be associated with excessive brushing with hard bristles, teeth grinding habit or due to old age. This would be persisting for a long period of time, slowly will result in sensitivity for cold and hot foods. After a while when the nerves start to get exposed, is when the sensitivity turns into acute pain. Root canal will be the ideal mode of treatment, followed by a metal ceramic of ceramic crown.

Broken filling or crown:
In case of broken fillings or crowns, there is an uneven surface created that hinders on chewing. Chewing forces and food impaction in that area, may cause severe pain. It’s best to replace the entire filling, to prevent further complications.

Cracked tooth syndrome:
When there is a long crack running from the crown to the root, there is a sharp pain associated with bite and chewing forces. Extraction of teeth alone will give relief from such pain most of the time. It depends on the crack involved.

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