Travelling & worried about your oral health? Here are some travelling tips Go for

Travelling & worried about your oral health Here are some travelling tips Go for

Go for a dental check-up:

Prevention is always better than cure. Go meet a dentist and get yourself checked up. Let your dentist know that you are travelling. He/She will do a thorough check up and let you the severity of any issues if there are any. Get a routine scaling and fillings done if any, to prevent them troubling you later. Where necessary x-rays may be advised and sorted out. Generally dental treatments involve longer sittings, so when you go to meet a dentist, do it at-least two weeks before your travel, so that there is enough time to get any prophylactic treatment done.

In case of Emergencies locally or overseas

In case of emergencies do contact your local dentist over phone to clarify your problems. If you had visited the dentist recently before travel, then they will be able to guide you with the prior treatment or consultation chart. Depending on the severity of the problem your dentist can advise you to take over the counter medicines or advise consulting a dentist at your place. It’s always better to get a travel insurance, so that they can be used in case of emergencies.

Make sure you carry proper tooth brush

Along with other toiletries like your perfumes and soaps, make sure you carry your tooth brush without forgetting. It’s important to keep your tooth brush clean while travelling. A tooth brush box or a seal bag would be ideal to carry a clean tooth brush. Make sure they are properly washed and dried before and after usage.

In case you forget your tooth brush, use a clean cloth or your finger to brush your teeth using a toothpaste. Rinsing your mouth with clean warm water is very much advised, swishing your mouth vigorously with clean water helps to keep away from bacteria that cause cavities.

Pack and ADA accepted chewing gum

Chewing sugarless gum on flight travel, keep you free of any ear pain due to pressure imbalance. Research shows that chewing sugarless gum for around 20 minutes prevents cavity formation because, it increases the flow of saliva which in turn flushes the oral cavity of any micro-organisms. So chewing sugarless gum does the trick of preventing tooth decay.

Brush with bottled water if you are unsure of the tap water

During travel, if you are not very happy with the available water then better use bottle water to brush your teeth. Sealed bottled water are supposed to be safe and relatively free of germs thereby preventing infection.

Get back on track after your trip

After your trip, make sure you get back to your normal routine brushing twice a day and flossing regularly.

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