How Energy Drinks Affect Your Oral Health

How Energy Drinks Affect Your Oral Health

Common all-pervading news is related to the effect of energy drinks on the oral health. When people look forward to given their physical bodies a boost of energy, they turn towards energy drinks. While these drinks are excessively popular amongst teenagers, they are also used by people as a part of their regular diet for improved performance in their lifestyle. The fact to be understood is not about the consumption of all these drinks available in the market. Rather, you should understand the results of over-consumption. The results of consumption of energy drinks is stated and printed over the products. But it does not mean that an individual needs to consumer them excessively to stay over-energetic. In actual sense, it is the results of their consumption which makes up most of the bad news in terms of oral health. So, if you are a frequent consumer of such drinks or the parent of teenagers who are highly attracted to these drinks, here is what you should know about:

Sugar and Acidic Preservatives in Drinks

From the very childhood, we all are told that excess consumption of sugar in any form is harmful for our teeth. It is in our later age that we realize that our parents and elders were not wrong when they warned us about this fact. Actually, sugar causes teeth decay. Since energy drinks are also having quantities of sugar dissolved in them, though in limited amounts, it is up to the consumer to prevent over consumption. Drinking energy drinks a multiple number of times means that you are increase the intake of sugar as a sum total, which is unhealthy. Next to it, there are acidic preservatives added in these drinks which protect them from getting damaged with time. Again, the problem is with their over-consumption which may ultimately cause loss of teeth enamel. You can also prevent the possible dental problems by getting your oral health examined regularly by expert dentists.

Tooth Enamel Attacked by Drinks

If you know about the constituents your teeth are made of, there is teeth enamel as a thin covering of your teeth. Enamel is translucent, but is a very hard tissue in the human body and helps in protecting your attack against the germ attack. As said above, over consumption of energy drinks breaks and erodes the teeth enamel. Continuous enamel erosion makes the tooth open for cavities. Especially in the young age when teenagers become addicted to energy drinks, it also increases the risk of enamel in the young age. Expert dentists advised individuals consuming such drinks in higher amounts to care for their teeth health. Energy reaches the body when you take in appropriate amount of healthy food. Only drinks cannot serve your oral or overall health.

Increased Teeth Sensitivity Risk with Loss of Enamel

Another aspect that you should know about loss of tooth enamel is related to the tooth sensitivity to hotness and coldness. Considering the natural structure of teeth, there are nerve endings attached at the end of the teeth. With loss of enamel, these nerve ending are left exposed to the hot and cold things you take in. Thus, excessive consumption of energy drinks can also lead to increase teeth sensitivity.

Unhealthy Habits and Energy Drinks

By the facts shared above, the related effect of higher consumption of energy drinks has now been cleared. But what will happen if one habit of energy drink intake in excess is also supported with unhealthy eating habits? Surely, it will lead to multiple damages as the oral health will get highly neglected in such a lifestyle.

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