Gum Disease and its management

Gum Disease and its management | Dental Hygiene

My gums are bleeding when I brush my teeth in the morning….All my teeth are very sensitive and I am unable to take anything hot or cold…My mouth smells bad, in spite of me brushing twice a day and am not able to speak confidently…my teeth are all loose and I feel like they are going to fall……

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What are Gingivitis and Periodontitis?

Gum disease can lead to tooth loss Impact of Gum disease on a tooth

A tooth is supported sturdily in its socket with the help of the bone and gums surrounding it. When the gums become infected or inflamed it is called gingivitis. When the supportive ligament-like structures (periodontium) are lost or severed between the gums and tooth, the condition is called periodontitis.

What causes gingivitis and periodontitis?

Teeth appearance before and after Gingivitis

  • Improper brushing and bad oral hygiene
  • Accumulation of tartar or yellow deposits on the teeth surfaces
  • Smoking and chewing betel nut or pan
  • Lack of flossing
  • Bacterial infection
  • Genetic predisposition factor

Is Periodontitis curable?

If periodontitis is identified and treated in very early stages then it can be treated. But once there is considerable damage done to gums and tooth, the condition is usually not reversible.

How does bacterial infection happen in our mouth?

Our mouth is an open cavity. So there is a colonization of good and bad bacteria naturally. There is an ecological balance existing between them. When oral hygiene is not maintained properly, the bad bacteria can take over resulting in infection related to gums and teeth.

What are the symptoms of gingivitis/ Periodontitis?

Gums Bleeding

Bleeding gums on brushing the teeth.
Smokers may not notice this bleeding gums in spite of their gingivitis because continuous smoking causes poor blood circulation in their mouth.
Very bad smell or halitosis, in spite of using mouthwashes
Shaking tooth or teeth
Increasing space between the teeth
Receding gums on the teeth
Red, swollen or sore gums.

What is the treatment mode for periodontitis?


A comprehensive treatment of scaling and curettage is done by the periodontists for early gingivitis.
A continuous and regular checkup with the dentist is required to cure the gum disease. Proper oral hygiene measures should also be necessarily followed by patients.
For moderate to severe cases, the treatment may be more complex which may involve gingival surgeries. The prognosis of such treatment again depends on local and underlying medical factors upon treatment.
How to prevent gum disease?
Proper care and brushing of teeth.
Flossing of teeth regularly.
Regular check-ups with a dentist once in 6 months
Maintain good oral hygiene like rinsing the mouth with water after every meal or drink.
Following a balanced diet, to prevent mineral deficiencies.
Strict adherence to the above methods will help prevent gum disease.

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