Ways to Handle Unbearable Toothache During Pregnancy

Pregnant woman suffering from toothache

The fluctuations in the hormonal levels during pregnancy make it essential to give more importance to oral hygiene.

Causes of Toothache

Increased progesterone and oestrogen (pregnancy hormones) levels is exhibited in a variety of symptoms which includes gastric problems (nausea and vomiting). All these make oral environment more prone to plaque deposition and hence increased dental issues which includes:

  • Swelling and bleeding of gums (Pregnancy Gingivitis)
  • Increased severity of gums disease can lead to serious gum infections (Periodontitis)
  • Pregnancy tumour: Increased growth of soft tissues of gums at a single location is known as pregnancy tumour. It is a misleading term, it is non-cancerous and not a tumour. It hinders with the normal functions and can be removed surgically (minor procedure).
mouth tumor

Pregnancy Tumor ( A mis-leading term)

All the above mentioned conditions lead to aggravation of an existing tooth condition and may result in tooth ache.

Any sign of infection, like presence of toothache should not be ignored during pregnancy.

Take following measures during unbearable toothache:

Consult your dentist

Do not ignore your oral health at any point, especially during pregnancy, where the hormonal levels make your teeth and soft tissues prone to infections and diseases.

Any delay in treatment can aggravate the condition, which can affect the developing child in the womb.


Always consult your physician before you take any over the counter medication. Paracetamol is considered as safest pain killer during pregnancy and can be taken to relieve toothache.


Extraction can be planned in pregnancy in order to relieve severe tooth ache, keeping in consideration the trimester at which the treatment is planned.

The procedure of extraction includes getting an X ray of the affected teeth or tooth. Radiations during pregnancy can have serious detrimental effects on the developing foetus, therefore, always go for an advice of your dentist before getting exposed to radiations during pregnancy.

Second trimester of pregnancy is the best and the safest duration to plan any treatment.

Cold packs

Application of cold or ice packs at the site pf inflammation (swelling) from outside can relieve your pain to some extent.

Prevention and oral hygiene measures

  • Regular Brushing
  • Mouth rinse: Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after meals and after vomiting. Adding a pinch of salt to warm water (not if you are hypertensive), makes the rinses more effective.
  • Routine scaling and polishing (teeth cleaning): you can schedule a teeth cleaning appointment with our dentist in Dubai.

All the above mentioned procedure help to reduce dental plaque and deposits and hence prevent you from having any dental emergency during pregnancy.

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