How to go soft on the holiday goodies to maintain good oral hygiene

How to go soft on the holiday goodies to maintain good oral hygiene | Dental Hygiene

The long week has already made us tired and has drained our energy. Every one of us looks forward to holidays and when they do arrive, it is a fun time. Indulging in goodies suddenly becomes the favorite past time. It is no surprise if the waistline grows by an inch by the time the holidays come to a screeching halt. Guilt takes over, we regret and we move on. Sugar is a culprit that can not only add extra flab to our frame but also badly affect our oral health. How to self-control on the holiday goodies and keep our teeth healthy?

(1) Adjust your day of cheating to holidays

This is indeed a masterstroke. Many researchers have pointed to the fact that controlled diet cheating is indeed healthy. They assist us in two ways, by giving our self-control a break and by giving the plateauing of our body also a break. Research among controlled groups has come up with the fact that people who included cheat days in their diet regimen sustain the momentum on dieting more often than people who are strict in their diet. Hence by adjusting the cheat day to the holidays, you can get rid of the guilt. The only challenge to this is a string of days as holidays where we are pushed to draw a line.

(2) Indulge when you are hungry

This is just the opposite. We all tend to think that when we stand before the goodies when we are hungry, we tend to overeat. That is not the case. We begin indulging when we are not hungry and not feeling impulsive. So when we have finished our food, and when we feel tempted to have the goodies too, then the count of the calories consumed is going to be really high. So watch out.

(3) Load your fridge with healthy options

This can be done easily. We indulge more in goodies and sugary stuff when we begin to eat and not when we shop for food items. So select a grocery where there are no over-the-counter eateries. Let your shopping be only for food items that are healthier by choice. It can be veggies, fruits, nuts, and unsweetened dairy, meat and poultry items. Crunchy veggies are good for your teeth. Never forget to add them.

(4)     Put up healthy options in the plate

When your fridge is lean and stocked with healthy options only, your plate is also going to stacked with healthy food items. If you have a feeling to indulge badly, give it a go by putting up a small piece of cake or dessert.

(5) Take a walk

You can take a gentle stroll for over 15 to 20 minutes after having food. When you finish your walk, you would definitely feel that your stomach is full. The probabilities that you will start craving for sugary food after such a walk is remote.

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