COVID-19 – Urgent dental emergency & treatment during Corona Virus Pandemic

Dental Emergency During Corona Virus Pandemic (COVID19)

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As the coronavirus (covid19) pandemic outbreak has created panic over the globe. Extreme measures are taken to stop the pandemic soon. In Dubai, cities are urged for lock down and requested to keep up the self -quarantine in the sake of controlling the spread and saving lives.

During this rugged situation, healthcare providers continue to serve you in emergencies. Particularly, as dental care considered, non-urgent dental procedures are postponed. In the case of dental emergencies, measures are taken to provide dental emergency treatments with precautions.


Oris Dental Is Committed To Serve People On Dental Emergency Services In Dubai 

At this pandemic, we are open to any dental emergencies. It should also say, the clinic is taking all the necessary precaution, which is suggested by WHO while treating the patient at this particular time. During this time, we are performing only emergency dental service, which very much needed at this point. So, seek dental care if you have the following emergencies (Recommended By American Dental Association)

  • Nonstop Bleeding in teeth or gum
  • Painful swelling around the mouth
  • Pain in teeth, tooth, or jaw bone
  • Gum infection along with swelling or pain
  • Procedures after dental surgery (dressing change, stitch removal)
  • knocked-out or Broken tooth
  • Denture modification for people getting radiation or further treatment for cancer
  • Snipping or correcting wire of braces that hurting gums or cheek
  • Biopsy of abnormal tissue


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We are here to assist you amid this situation.

If the patient has any dental issue during this time, they can fill in the contact form (Given below) or call us @ +97143809990

If you couldn’t able to reach out to the dentist for emergencies, we can schedule consultations via phone call or video conferencing with our specialists.


Follow These Oral Care During Self-Quarantine Day To Avoid Risk

  • Keep up the good hygiene, brush your teeth twice a day.
  • Flossing is mandatory, so do not forget to floss your teeth
  • Drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated
  • Eat balanced food, intake lots of vegetables and fruits
  • Stay home & stay safe

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