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Recurrent mouth ulcers | Dental Hygiene

Recurrent Mouth Ulcer or aphthous stomatitis is a very common condition, restricted to the mouth. It can occur on the tongue, cheeks, gums or lips.

Typically starts in childhood or adolescence as recurrent small round or ovoid ulcers. Ulcers are very painful and can interfere with speech, eating and can last for one or two weeks to months in a few people. They keep recurring with time, and there can be many ulcers.

These type of recurrent ulcers usually inherited with a typical family history. Multiple ulcers are scattered across the lining of the mouth, and not clustered in one place. Most people get about one to three of them at a time, and very few get many at a time.

Mouth ulcercanker sores Recurrent mouth ulcers

Recurrent Mouth Ulcers Reasons

It is not specifically known. But it could be associated with certain medical conditions like vitamin and mineral deficiencies, immune abnormality, certain blood diseases and some skin disorder etc. Very rarely could be caused by a viral infection. Most common cause which most people encounter is due to drug interactions.

Other general reasons for mouth ulcer

  • When your body is lack of important and essential minerals and vitamins like B-12, iron, Folate and zinc
  • Mouth injury due to, hard brushing, dental treatment, accidental bite, or injury in sport
  • Loss of appetite
  • Reaction on following a medication
  • Because of bacteria which causes allergic reaction
  • Poor fixation of dental braces
  • Genetic factors
  • Sensitivities due to acidic elements in foods like strawberries, pineapples, citrus, etc.
  • Can occur due to pregnancy or menstrual cycle for women
  • Stress, anxiety and sleep disorder or insomnia can be the reason
  • Presence of sodium lauryl sulphate in your toothpaste and mouthwash supplements.

Home made remedies of mouth ulcers

Some Recurrent mouth ulcers symptoms can be a sign for some severe health conditions

Such as

  • Inflammatory bowel disease
  • HIV / AIDS
  • Behcet’s disease
  • celiac disease
  • diabetes mellitus

Recurrent mouth ulcers takes about 2-3 days to form completely. They are usually round or ovoid and yellow, and they are shallow wounds. Once developed, they are quite painful and tend to remain for about 3-10 days or so. Usually, they disappear on their own, and no treatment is required. If ulcers become more frequent and severe and if accompanied by other symptoms like fever or rashes, then it’s advisable to visit a dentist or physician. Blood diseases, connective tissue disorders, skin disorders and drug allergies has to be ruled out.

There is no way to prevent recurrent ulcers, but symptomatic treatment can help it.

  • Rinsing with warm water solution
  • Eating non-spicy foods
  • Pain-relieving topical medications
  • Anesthetic gel
  • Adequate rest and sleep

Also, common mouth ulcers could be cured or prevented with some self-care home remedies.

  • Use a toothbrush with soft bristles
  • Follow Toothpaste Massage Method
  • Avoid eating more acidic, spicy, salty foods
  • Use toothpaste with no sodium lauryl sulphate,
  • Massaging with ice cubes or ice bags
  • Drink lots of liquid food
  • Rinsing mouth with salt and baking soda
  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet

All these can be applied directly on the sores to ensure faster healing, and be pain-free.

Recurrent ulcers usually clear up without treatment and do not leave scars. They usually return after a time, but if they become very large in many numbers and become painful, then it’s best to consult and get cleared of medical conditions like inflammatory bowel diseases, arthritis disorders or oral cancer. There could be some conditions associated with large non-healing ulcers.

Recurrent mouth ulcers

You need to visit a doctor when these symptoms happens

  • When you feel the pain and irritation
  • You can suffer from fever and diarrhea
  • When the natural medication fails
  • Visibly large in size
  • Sore that last more than two weeks
  • Discomfort during eating and drinking
  • Occurrence of more than one mouth ulcer
  • Extends to lips

Recurrent mouth ulcers, although very painful and keep recurring, they do not impose any risk factors unless they are big and infected. The frequency of occurrence tends to decrease as the person grows older.

Large non-healing traumatic ulcer, due to sharp teeth impingement on the tongue. This was healed after extracting the sharp teeth.

For immediate medication, visit your nearby dental clinic or Visit our dental clinic in Dubai, for better result.

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