What if I get a dental emergency for my kid? – How do I act?

What if I get a dental emergency for my kid – How do I act

Dental emergencies can arise anywhere anytime. When it comes to small children, it’s very natural for the parent to panic and get perplexed as what to do next, especially when they arise at odd times.

Have a dental emergency for your kid, do consult our pedodontist at Oris Dental Center

What if my child’s tooth falls out due to hit injury or during sports?

  • If the tooth has only dislodged and not come out of the cavity, then just ask your child to hold it with a piece of cloth in position and approach the nearest dentist as the earliest.
  • Mouth is an area very rich in blood supply, so there can be lot of bleeding seen on a tooth falling out, patiently applying gentle pressure on to the area with a clean cloth for few minutes, will help arrest bleeding.
  • If the tooth has fallen out, then make sure it is washed gently without disturbing the root area.
  • If the child is older enough, u can ask him/her to carry it under the tongue, or in a cup of saliva or milk.
  • Approaching a dentist at the earliest will increase the chances of survival of the tooth.
  • Dentist will help with replacement and splinting of tooth into the socket, if taken at the right time.

What to do if my child experience acute tooth pain in her mouth?

  • Over the counter medicines can be used.
  • Plain Paracetamol or any analgesic will help relieve pain temporarily.
  • Clove oil can be applied, if there is an open cavity in the tooth.
  • Take him/her to the dentist without much delay for intervention and treatment.

What to do if my kid’s tooth becomes mobile and is painful?

  • If it’s a milk tooth, and less painful then over the counter analgesics can be given and wait for the tooth to wean on its own
  • If it’s a permanent tooth, then it is imperative to consult a dentist and take necessary action.

What to do if there is a food particle or object caught in between the child’s teeth?

  • Advise your teeth to do a swish swash gargle to try removing it
  • Use a tooth brush and try brushing teeth to remove the object
  • Do not use any instrumentation or manipulation on your own to remove the object
  • Take him/her to your dentist and he will help remove it easily with appropriate instruments

What if my child has ulcers and has painful sores in the mouth?

  • Avoid feeding acidic food or juices that aggravate the pain
  • Warm salt water rinsing will help relieve pain and help heal faster.
  • Oil pulling can be done to soothe the painful ulcers
  • Over the counter gels can be used topically
  • Sometimes certain viral infections, can cause such painful non healing ulcers, if there is associated fever and cold then its best to check with a physician.

For any further clarifications, book an appointment with us at Oris Dental Center.

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