The Importance Of Preventive Dentistry

The importance of preventive dentistry front

“Prevention is always better than cure”. Do you want your teeth and gums to be in their pink of health? Then the answer is preventive dentistry. Preventive dentistry simply means maintaining good oral hygiene, thereby preventing any severe complications in future.

Brushing and flossing twice a day, may not give complete oral health. Regular check-ups, early fillings and cleanings are done, by our dental team will ensure healthy gums and teeth. It also helps prevent complex and expensive treatment.

Preventive dentistry at Oris for optimal dental health

This requires early intervention by the dentists and individual personal care on the patient’s part too. When both efforts are coupled together, excellent benefits can be looked forward. Its best achieved in children and young adults, but it’s not too late to start for any age group.

Preventive dentistry at Oris for optimal dental health

As a part of preventive dentistry, our experienced dental team of doctors educate the patients on proper brushing and flossing habits, good oral hygiene measures and regular dental visits with us for cleanings and follow-ups where necessary.

Brushing, flossing and swish washing the mouth with water after every serving of food or drink, helps prevent sticking of food debris to the teeth enamel. Failing to do so, leads to tartar and plaque accumulation. This accumulation of yellow or green tartar deposits causes bacterial infections leading to gum diseases. Our dentists help remove the tooth deposits over regular cleaning and polishing procedures that are done once in six months or a year. Although regular cleanings are done by the dentists, it’s imperative on the patient’s side to follow healthy habits on a routine.

Preventive dentistry at Oris for optimal dental health 2

Fluoride treatments such as fluoride varnish or pit and fissure sealants are suggested where indicated in children and young adults. This helps to strengthen the enamel and prevent decay and cavity formation at a very early stage. Fluoride toothpaste and mouth rinse can be used at home as advised by our dentists.

Early caries is identified and confirmed using radiographic images. These early enamel decays are carefully removed and filled with appropriate filling materials to suit the patient needs.

Apart from imparting good oral health, our dentists also play a bigger role in providing good holistic health and care for the needy. As there is a wide range of conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, stroke associated with the oral health, maintaining good oral hygiene and reinforcing preventive dentistry, helps prevent such bigger complications in the overall health status.

dentist cleaning patient teeth

Regular check-ups also help early identification of oral cancer. Oral cancer is curable when identified at early stages. Quitting related habits like smoking, alcohol and tobacco chewing as per the advice of the dentists at a very early stage, will help prevent such complications in the future.

A healthy balanced diet is very important for maintaining good oral health. Added on with good oral hygiene and lifestyle changes, with regular, follow-ups with our dentists once in six months, it will reduce the chances of getting dental problems, bigger procedures and save money.

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