Top 5 Dental Anxiety Management Techniques

dental anxiety

Dental anxiety is very commonly encountered. Dental phobia is included and studied separately as a type of phobia. There are a lot of reasons for having dental anxiety or phobia. Most of the time it is due to traumatic past dental visits. It can be due to fear of needles or after knowing traumatic experiences of your friends or relatives.

Remember dental visits are necessary for the maintenance of a healthy lifestyle. Ignoring dental visits due to anxiety can aggravate the condition and can lead to more expensive and long treatments.

There is evidence of an association between diseases of teeth and many systemic diseases, like Diabetes and Heart diseases. Well-maintained diabetes showed fewer gum diseases and tooth decay and vice versa.

Here are some top dental anxiety management techniques:

  1. Trusting your dentist: Choose a good dental practitioner of your locality, it builds a sense of trust. It not only assures good quality of treatment but also reduces stress.
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  1. Identifying and understanding your fears: Try to identify the actual reason for your fear and understand why you feel anxious with dental treatment.

Once you identify the reason, discuss it with your dentist before getting your treatment done. Your dentist will counsel you on how to manage your anxiety.

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  1. Avoid going alone: This is a tip to keep you relaxed during your visit. Go along with your friend or family member who cares for you.
  1. Background music & imagination: Your dentist understands your anxiety and cooperates with you. Carry earphones and listen to your favorite songs through the treatment.

Creating imaginary scenarios of places that make you happy while getting treatment helps you divert your attention and reduces your anxiety.

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  1. Scheduling appointments during free hours: Never book your appointment in between your busy schedule. This increases your stress and can indirectly affect your anxiety level.
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