Tips to Encourage Brushing Habits in Children

mom and child brushing teeth

Inculcating good habits is essential at an early age. Brushing should be taught as an essential step of personal hygiene. Making your child brush regularly can be a challenge sometimes.

Here are some tips to encourage brushing in children:

Make it fun

Add creativity to brushing time, make it a fun activity. Plan dance or some steps while brushing so that it keeps the child engaged. Adding their favorite music or songs to the background acts as a plus point. Enjoyment while brushing helps the child develop a tendency to like the habit of brushing.

mother teaching child about brushing teeth

Colorful toothpastes and brushes

Using flavored toothpaste makes adapting the habit of brushing easier. Fluoridated toothpaste with a range of flavors is available and thus choose your child’s favorite one.

Colored toothbrushes with designs of various animated characters are available for kids.

Adding these make your task easier.

color toothpaste

Brushing together

Brushing with your kids two times daily not only maintains oral hygiene but also encourages them to brush their teeth. As most of the time, it’s easy for kids to learn habits that their parents are constantly doing.

mom and daughter brushing teeth


Try to bring consistency whenever you want your kid to learn any good habits. Sometimes you might skip it due to work or you might be tired but giving 2 minutes to brushing should not be looked upon as a big task.

Brushing teeth two minutes in the morning and two minutes before bed will have a long-term impact on the maintenance of milk or primary teeth of kids. Protection of milk teeth from decay is important as these act as space maintainers for permanent teeth and also guide them through the eruption.

kids brushing teeth


Make your child aware of the importance of brushing and having a good set of teeth. Always try to motivate them by mentioning the positive points of brushing twice daily.

dad motivating child
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