How to prevent tooth decay in kids?

How to prevent tooth decay in kids | Pediatric Dentist in Dubai

Kids are very fond of eating all the foods they see and like. Colourful candies, juices and tasty chocolates and ice creams are some of the difficult to avoid kind of foods when kids ask for them. These type of sugary and sticky foods, when combined with very poor oral hygiene leads to tooth decay and cavities.

Decay usually appears as small spots or fissures and may not be noticeable at the early stages. Parents usually are unaware of it unless the kids complain of pain or food getting dislodged in it.

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Here are some general recommendations to follow:

Do not share food:
Sharing utensils and eating along with children on the same plate can transfer germs to your child’s mouth creating cavities in their tooth.

Eat Healthy food:
Encourage eating healthy and nourishing food in the house, rather than from the unhygienic outside vendors. Wherever possible it is good to ensure that the child takes fluoridated water to drink.

First dental visit:
Take your child for an early dental visit, as early as 7 months to one year, when the child’s first tooth start to emerge in the oral cavity. It’s always good to be educated on oral hygiene, and follow first so that you can insist on your child to follow your healthy habits strictly.

Inculcate correct brushing habits:

Inculcate correct brushing habits

When the new teeth starts to emerge, its good get them introduced to a fluoridated tooth paste so as to avoid early tooth decay. Give them a soft-bristled tooth brush and teach them to brush twice a day. Teach the proper technique of brushing all the surfaces of their teeth and massaging the gums. It’s best to teach them cleaning in between their teeth. Floss can be recommended in children who are able to understand and follow instructions. Advice children to drink water or wash their mouth every time after each meal, so as to avoid plaque formation.

Pit & Fissure sealants to prevent dental decay
Applying pit & fissure dental sealants to chewing surfaces of the child’s teeth will prevent teeth decay. They can help child to keep away from the germs attacking their teeth to the best possible way.

Ultimately, taking good care and paying attention to your child’s oral health status can help prevent tooth decay and cavities. In summation, prevention is always better than cure.

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