Get to know your child’s teeth

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Pediatric Dentistry

A child’s teeth start to erupt inside the mouth as early as 6 months. There are twenty milk teeth to be erupted and their eruption is all completed by the end of two to two and a half years of the child. Right from the day of the eruption, to until the child becomes independent it’s the responsibility of the parents to care for their teeth. So it’s imperative on the parent’s part to visit a dentist or a pedodontist periodically to get themselves educated on how to care for their child’s teeth. Here are some common questions asked by parents about their child’s teeth.

  1. Is my child old enough to visit a dentist?
    Your child is old enough to visit a dentist, as early as 6 months when the first tooth has erupted inside the mouth. Prevention is always better than cure, the earlier you visit a dentist, better is it knows about what is to be expected on teething and how to handle them wisely. Some tips include about thumb sucking habits and incorrect brushing methods.
  2. What are some common problems that can be treated if checked early?
    Parents tend to look at the surface of the tooth for caries, but there are certain cases where proper tools are necessary to check the pit and fissures on the teeth, to check if there is insufficient or chalky crumbing enamel. These kinds of problems can be intervened early by a dentist, thereby preventing damage to the teeth.
  3. Why does my child’s baby teeth change in colour?
    Change in colour of baby teeth can be attributed to many factors including genetics, injury to the tooth, a decay of the tooth, eating habits like juice and certain plant foods which can stain the teeth. When a tooth gets injured, it becomes reddish blue and after a few days becomes black on losing its vitality. Some supplements and medication like iron, sulphur, iodine can stain the teeth brown or greenish yellow. It’s best to consult a dentist to check on the type of treatment indicated.
  4. Why does my child’s teeth crumble?
    Certain developmental defects can cause soft enamel which causes a tooth to crumble. Tooth decay can destroy the enamel, thereby causing it to disintegrate. Poor oral hygiene, eating a diet rich in sugars, sleeping with bottle milk are some reasons for early decay. Such changes in child’s teeth should be intervened early and treated.
  5. Does my child need orthodontic treatment?
    Orthodontic treatment is best rendered during mixed dentition period or when all permanent teeth are erupted. However, there are situations where early intervention is required for effective treatment and results. So it’s best to check with your dentist with regard to the treatment procedures.

Get to know your child’s teeth

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