Solutions to Look for If Your Child Has Missing Permanent Tooth

Solutions to Look for If Your Child Has Missing Permanent Tooth

For children, dental care responsibilities are in the hands of their patients. They lose their baby tooth in the age of around ten and then permanent teeth starts to erupt in their mouth. But there are instances when parents are worried about the missing permanent teeth in the mouth of their child. Even after the baby teeth have been lost and there is no sign of eruption of permanent teeth, it is important that you should consult an orthodontist specializing in serving teeth deformities. To parents, it will not be easier to determine the reason behind such teeth structure. But a specialized dentist can examine and serve such needs in a well defined way to lead to expected results. So if you are wondering how such structural problems in teeth can be served, it is best to visit an expert dentist.

Causes behind Missing Permanent Teeth

From just touching the jaw structure of your child, a parent cannot know the reason why the teeth are not erupting even after a reasonable time has passed after baby teeth loss. Expert orthodontists serving such problems in children explain that it can be because of crowding of teeth or when the teeth are growing in the wrong direction. The unexpected impact over the teeth prevents them to grow naturally. They will also make use of dental X-rays to determine the real reason behind such structural problems in teeth.

Replacing Missing Tooth – A Possible Solution

With respect to the individual dental health, teeth structure and bite, the orthodontic treatment approach is determined. There are solutions of dental implants and bridges served by qualified team of experienced orthodontists in Dubai. If you are also having doubts in your mind regarding the right age to get the teeth replacement procedures, you can ask these professionals of orthodontic dentistry.

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