Warning Signs Your Child Requires Immediate Dental Attention

Regular brushing is important for good dental hygiene in all age groups. It should be inculcated as a habit in childhood. The milk teeth or the primary teeth of kids are as important as the permanent ones.

The permanent buds develop beneath the milk teeth and infected milk teeth can harm the permanent teeth. Always remember that permanent teeth are not replaced again, hence taking care of both sets of teeth plays a crucial role toward good oral hygiene.

Despite maintaining a good oral health care routine, you may encounter certain dental emergencies:

  1. Cracked or chipped off teeth

It is very common to have chipped off teeth in children. It should not be ignored as the area can deepen and can further worsen the situation. This is usually painless in initial stages. Even if the chipped off portion looks minor, keep a check on regular basis and visit a dentist so as to confirm its progress and severity.

chipped off teeth
  1. Jaw pain

Dental issues also encompass jaw pain. The aching jaw is not always related to serious underlying disease but can be a reason of discomfort for your child. Most common reason for jaw pain is clenching of teeth, especially at night. It is usually treated with the help of night guards to avoid tooth to tooth contact. Your dental practitioner will guide you for managing it in best possible way.

jaw pain
  1. Constant toothache

If your child complains of pain and even after you give an over the counter medication to relieve the pain (ibuprofen most commonly), then schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

tooth pain
  1. A long standing injury

If there’s any minor soft tissue injury that is not healing even after applying topical ointments, please visit a pediatric dentist. These injuries include burn injury after eating hot food or swelling of tongue or gums.

minor soft tissue injury
  1. Excessive tooth loss

The milk teeth start to fall at the age of 6 years and the mouth is free of milk teeth at around 6 years of age. If multiple milk teeth fall together at a very fast rate, then it can be a cause of concern as ideally it’s a gradual process.

decayed milk teeth
  1. Presence of swelling or pus discharge

Along with a tooth pain there can be presence of swelling or a jaw pain can also be accompanied by swelling. Sometimes, you can also notice discharge of pus.This is a dental emergency and should not be ignored.

discharge of pus
  1. Bleeding gums

Occasional sites and very mild bleeding can be ignored and can be managed with proper brushing techniques. Heavy bleeding of gums can be a sign of infection and needs immediate treatment.

bleeding of gums
  1. Falling off permanent teeth

It is normal for children to lose primary or milk teeth. But, if your kid is losing permanent teeth, then it is a cause of concern because they erupt once in their lifetime.

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losing permanent teeth
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