What to Do if a Child is Missing a Permanent Tooth

What to Do if a Child is Missing a Permanent Tooth

Just like adults, smile of children looks great and adorable because of their teeth. While the baby tooth in children is generally lost till the age of 12, it should be followed by the eruption of permanent teeth. In some situations, these permanent teeth does not appear across the jaw bones within a certain period of time and makes the parents feel concerned about it. While there can be a number of reasons behind such teeth related problems, visiting a specialist orthodontist for teeth correction in Dubai will let you know the cause underneath. With his experience and use of modern dental equipment, he will let you know why your child lacks in permanent teeth.

Given below are three possible options for missing permanent tooth in children:

1. Baby Tooth Preservation

With the help of dental X-ray, an orthodontist will look for alternative to maintain teeth structure in children. In cases where the bite is unaffected with missing tooth and crowding does not exist, these dental experts recommend preserving the baby tooth for as long as possible. It may be possible that the baby tooth will remain in good condition indefinitely.

2. Missing Tooth Replacement

Dental conditions in which permanent tooth are not erupting while baby tooth are about to be lost requires teeth replacement solutions. To restore the teeth structure and to maintain jaw bone density, replacing missing tooth with a dental implant can help in oral health maintenance. But you need to get your children diagnosed for complete dental examination to know if he is the right candidate for an implant.

3. Orthodontic Closing of Space

In the absence of teeth crowding, but good bite, dentists also recommend getting the space closed orthodontically. But you need to know about the post treatment possibilities of dental health maintenance in such cases.

These options are not necessarily interchangeable and the best choice is determined by other variables that include the condition of the teeth, the bite, and the amount of crowding.

Unable to determine which would be the most suitable dental treatment for your child? Contact our specialist orthodontist now!

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