These are common oral problems in kids: Our Pediatric dentist says

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Children go through numerous milestones right from being a new born baby to childhood. New parents also travel along with them facing innumerable challenges and difficulties as they grow. One among the challenges is managing the oral problems in kids.

Some of the common dental problems faced by kids in Dubai arise due to excessive consumption of sugary foods and poor oral hygiene habits. At Oris, our Paedodontists, are highly skilled and well trained to deal with all kinds of oral problems in children, with utmost patience and care.

The common oral problems seen are

Tooth decay:

Decayed kids tooth

This is very commonly seen in the kids across all age groups. Many at times this is associated with food habits. Children who eat high sugary foods, and carbonated drinks are more prone for tooth decay. Coupled with improper brushing habits, they end up with multiple teeth caries within a short period of time.

Nursing bottle syndrome is also commonly seen in babies, who are bottle fed through the night without timely weaning of the bottle.

Poor oral hygiene:

Yellow teeth

Proper brushing of teeth with flossing, and regular visits to our dental office at timely intervals is a part of good oral hygiene practice. Many parents are not aware of these early dental check-ups for their children. It’s very important to get it done at least once in a year, starting as early as when your child is one year old. Early interventions prevent complications.

Bad breath or Halitosis:

Bad breath is a very common in kids, due to poor oral hygiene. They are caused by build-up of bacterial plaque and tartar accumulation on the teeth surfaces. This can be prevented by proper monitored brushing habits and flossing. Timely interventions of professional dental cleaning also helps where necessary.

Periodontal diseases:

gum disease in child

Red inflamed, swollen or bleeding gums are common symptoms of periodontal tissues breakdown. This has to be closely monitored by parents. Gingivitis in young children if unattended, may lead to bigger complications. They have to be intervened and treated by our dentist without much delay.

Habits such as thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and teeth grinding:

Thumb sucking can be seen as early as six months, in a baby. If not weaned out, this habit leads to protrusion of teeth in growing children. Tongue thrusting is a habit in young children who are around 6-8 years old. As their new upper incisors erupt in, they get the habit of pushing them out with their tongue. A bigger tongue also contributes to this habit. If left unattended these can lead to malalignment of teeth in later stages. Teeth grinding can be caused due to stomach disturbances.

bluegrass roller and palatat crib

All these habits can be nipped in the bud, if they are attended at the appropriate time. Our paediatricians have special custom made appliances that can help break these habits.

Dental Phobia:

Children who have a lot of dental problems have the fear to face the dentists. The dental set up by itself may sound scary to them.

Hence it is important to get the children have a good rapport with our dental team at an early stage, educate them, and prevent common oral problems are complications. This creates a good positive caring experience for the kids. Combined with good oral hygiene, dietary habits and regular visits to us at Oris, we ensure excellent oral health to your children.

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