Help Your Kids To Follow A Good Dental Hygiene

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Children grow up by observing their parents. So, it is important to encourage good habits, behavior and lifestyle in them. One among the list is following a good dental routine. As they grow as an adult, they need to keep up a healthy dental routine to incorporate today. Healthy teeth are important as it helps the child to eat, talk, chew and smile confidently. However, a poor dental habit creates dental issues, which intrudes the growth of permanent teeth.

In a study, it is reported that 43% of children develop cavities with inadequate dental care.

So, it’s the parent’s responsibility to teach them at the earliest. That would make driving a healthy life and healthy habits.

Brushing & Flossing

The ultimate oral hygiene begins with brushing and flossing, but it is carried out according to the age of the kid.


Let’s start with infants, on considering infants, dentist advice to clean their baby teeth with a soft cloth and water, but that needs to be done twice a day. The babies only take liquid food; therefore, this simple cleaning is adequate to keep up the dental health.


You can make the first dental visit when your baby turns one.

As they grow, the toddlers (from 1-3 years) should start brushing with a soft-bristled brush and baby toothpaste with no fluoride. A pea-sized toothpaste in enough and the parents should help to brush their teeth. Gradually, the kid should brush their teeth on their own. Make sure to teach them the right brushing technique. Also, train them to brush before bed and explain the significance of it.

Children over three years

Now, your kid has grown up. You can give them the toothbrush with fluoride and prepare them to floss the teeth. Flossing helps to remove the food stuck between the teeth, which build tooth decay and cavities. A stage by stage improvement needs to be monitored.


Take precautions against cavities. Restrict your kid to intake too much of sugary foods like chocolates, biscuits, pastries, acidic foods, carbonated drinks, etc.

As a pediatric dentist could see more cases on cavities and tooth decay. It all happens with bad food and poor oral care, plan preventive measures to capture a healthy smile. 


Food plays a vital role in oral health. In today’s world, the introduction of unlimited varieties of menus and food items are tremendous. Still, it can be handled wisely by cooking them the best home-made food representing taste and health.

The juice is for people with no teeth. It is sensible to eat the fruit, not drink it, feed them with green vegetables and fruits. Make them chew the food for teeth and jaw strength.

Mouth Safety

Mouth safety to skip dental emergency. While your children go for outdoor games, ensure them wearing a mouthguard. It helps to escape from the injury damaging the mouth, teeth and jaw.

How to Motivate the healthy habits?

You can motivate your kid to brush, floss and follow the right oral habit with fun and enthusiasm, but it needs parent’s participation to achieve it.

  • You can make your kid choose the toothbrush and toothpaste, also the colour of their own choice.
  • Create stories and narrate them the importance
  • You can also show them inspiring videos to make them brush on their own.
  • Try a timer of two minutes or play their favourite song and make them brush with fulfilled.
  • Rewarding can make them more involved. Yes, reward any gift, but not unhealthy foods.

Visit Pedodontist

Finally, it is fundamental to visit the pedodontist (Pediatric dentist) once in six months, to have a normal examination and find how healthy are your child’s teeth. Ask the dentist all-important tips and advice, all about the happy smiles of the children.

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