Tips to avoid bad breath

Bad breath is an embarrassing situation for any individual. Main cause of bad breath is poor oral health and/or it may be a sign of few medical conditions. It can be made worse by the type of foods we eat and other unhealthy life style habits.

Digestion of food starts from the mouth. Some foods like Onion & garlic release bad odour until their digestion is completed fully.

Poor habits like inadequate brushing and flossing allow the food particles to remain in your mouth, promoting germs and plaque formation. Bad odour causing bacteria are formed when dentures are not cleaned properly. Smoking and chewing of tobacco, can invariably stain the teeth and result in bad odour.

Accumulation of yellow deposits on the teeth surfaces very often leads to bleeding and swollen gums. Infection of such gums, imparts poor health and unpleasant odour. Poor fitting dentures, fungal infections, Diabetes mellitus, some respiratory illness, gastritis, dry mouth, & dental cavities are few conditions associated with bad breath.

  1. Brush your teeth twice daily. Follow proper brushing techniques (Your dentist can teach you) to effectively clean your teeth.
  2. Floss regularly to remove debris present in between teeth.
  3. Practice active swishing of mouth with water after every meal or drink. Alternatively drinking plenty of water after every meal or drink helps to flush away food particles.
  4. Use mouth wash or gargle as advised by your dental practitioner. This will temporarily freshen up your mouth, but may not relieve of bad odour permanently.
  5. Visit your dentist regularly every 3-6 months. Check for accumulated yellow or green deposits on your teeth or swollen bleeding gums. If any do a regular scaling and polishing with proper follow ups where necessary.
  6. Use a tongue scraper or your regular tooth brush to clean your tongue.
  7. Quit smoking and avoid tobacco products. Advisable to use chewing gums or sugarless candies.
  8. Do not skip breakfast or meals in between, as empty stomach can cause acid reflux causing bad breath.
  9. Treat any existing medical conditions as stated above, do a routine medical check.
  10. If using dentures either removable or fixed, then follow proper instructions as stated by your dentist and clean them regularly. Replace the water that soaks the removable dentures every day.
  11. In case of cancer treatment, dry mouth and salivary gland disorders may arise, following proper medical advice will maintain good oral hygiene.
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