Highly efficient and not to be missed oral hygiene measures

Highly efficient and not to be missed oral hygiene measures

Maintaining a healthy smile assures a healthy and sound body system. Many at times oral health is
over looked by people for various reasons. They could just be because of laziness, ignorance, poor
time management or lack of awareness. Ensuring good oral health and hygiene is very imperative for
our body and these are some commonly missed measures in our day to day life. Make sure you take
note of them and follow these simple guidelines to enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

1. Brush twice a day daily
It’s very important to brush your teeth early morning and before you retire to bed for night
sleep. Early morning brushing will give you a freshening effect, to talk, smile or have a drink.
Night brushing will make sure that there is not much of germs acting on your teeth while you
sleep. Regular brushing prevents bacterial plaque formation and built up of cavities by

2. Incorrect brushing technique
Brushing technique plays a major role in keeping your teeth safe and sound. All surfaces of
the teeth has to be cleaned on brushing. Circular motion is preferred to remove food
particles and germs effectively. Do not brush your teeth too hard and for more than 2-3
mins, so as to avoid attrition due to excessive brushing.

Unsure of Effective brushing technique? Check with us at Oris Dental Center.

3. Not using the right tooth brush
There are different types of toothbrush available in the market. Choose them wisely. Soft
short bristles are preferred so that they can reach all corners of your oral cavity easily. Soft
bristles are also good on your teeth, especially on sensitive teeth and doesn’t abrade them
much. They also help to massage the gums helping in good blood circulation.

4. Replacing brushes at regular time intervals
Some brushes have colour coded indicators to tell you that they have to be replaced. It’s
better to choose them if you tend to forget changing the brushes. Tooth brushes on regular
usage for twice daily, do not last longer than 3-6 months. So once you don’t see the bristles
standing up in line or worn off, it’s mandatory to change them.

5. Missing flossing
However you brush, many at times the food particles in between the tooth surfaces tend to
get locked up. They can be removed only with the tooth brush and dental floss. Do flossing
regularly to avoid plaque and interdental caries formation. They help a lot in clearing food

6. Avoid Sugary foods
Too much sugar, and carbohydrate rich foods do cause caries forming cavities on tooth
surface. Fizzy and carbonated drinks should be minimised as much as possible to prevent
tooth damage.

7. Visiting a dentist
Although brushing and flossing do help in keeping your smile healthy, it’s important to visit a
Dentist regularly. Any early signs of cavities and tartar can be immediately treated, before
any further damage to tooth.

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