What kind of food to eat after a tooth extraction?

tooth extraction

Have you ever got your tooth removed or extracted? What did you eat after that? Following the standard diet that you are used to can be a bit difficult following tooth extraction. Some guidelines should be followed that reduce the difficulty of eating and, at the same time, favor fast healing of the bone socket. So, this will help you to return to your normal and favorite foods faster! Here is the list of food options to opt for after the extraction of teeth:

1. Ice Cream

Ice cream is unarguably one of the most commonly recommended foods after extraction. It is preferred because of its soft texture, and the cold temperature promotes healing and provides a soothing effect on the extraction site inside your mouth. Kids are always excited to eat it as well as adult patients feel good after the surgical procedure.

Ice Cream

2. Soup 

Vegetable soup is a healthy option to go for after the removal of a tooth. The pureed vegetable soup should be consumed as there are no large pieces of vegetables, omitting the need to chew. It contains essential minerals and nutrients like vitamin A and potassium. Make sure your soup is not hot, as it can hurt and delay healing and might result in infection.


3. Yogurt

This is also a great option as it is light and healthy. You can also go for flavored yogurt and enjoy it as a snack. Make sure it is plain and doesn’t have fruit pieces. It is a probiotic and boosts immunity as well as aids in digestion.


4. Eggs

These are rich sources of protein and contain Vitamin B 12 and Vitamin A. These are soft to eat and easy on teeth. Just scramble eggs before you eat them, so there is no need to chew them.


5. Mashed Potatoes 

These are good sources of energy and nutrients. Mashed potatoes make it easy to eat in the initial days following the surgical removal of teeth.

Mashed Potatoes

One thing to remember is that the food that you eat after tooth removal should not be hot; it should be lukewarm or cold. This precaution should be followed 24 to 48 hours following surgery.

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