How do dates benefit and ruin your oral health?

The Arabian Peninsula is found to be richest in the palm trees and hence dates are one of the most famous foods in Arab and is most commonly encountered in their households. The dates hold special importance in the blessed month of Ramadhan and Muslims usually break their fast by eating dates as a ritual. The health benefits of dates are discussed in details in Muslim Scripts.

According to the historical records, Madinah is famous for producing dates on a large scale and every visitor pays the date market for sure.

Benefits of date on oral health

When it comes to eating sweets, most of them are harmful for your teeth. But to your surprise there is one food item that is very sweet and tasty and beneficial to your teeth at the same time. It is none other than the delicious dates. The natural ingredient of dates helps to strengthen enamel and also provides protection from plaque. Dates reduce the cravings for unhealthy sugary snacks.

The elemental form of fluorine is found in abundance in dates. Fluorides are beneficial for tooth structure especially enamel and act as anti-cavity agent. The raisins also are found to be very beneficial for the health of teeth.

The food debris in the mouth promotes growth of bacteria that in turn lead to tooth decay. The phytochemicals present in fruits of these kinds are involved in the inhibition of bacterial growth.

These can be eaten along with the breakfast, with cereals or milk or can be enjoyed alone as snacks. Along with above mentioned chemicals beneficial for your teeth, dates are also rich in amino acids, fibers, minerals such as calcium and phosphorus and vitamins specifically Vitamin A, B1, B2 & Vitamin C.

Calcium and phosphorus, along with vitamin A are essential for maintenance of structure of bones and teeth. Having mentioned the advantages of dates on the hard structures of the oral cavity, these also provide favorable results in diseases of soft tissues of the mouth such as gums and lips.

The vitamin C in dates helps fight against the gums diseases and helps strengthen the weak blood vessels. These also help prevent anemia, which in turn is good for overall health.

Studies have shown the usefulness of dates in treatment of cancer

The vitamin B present in dates is helpful in treatment of inflammation as well as promotes wound healing of lips, gums and the mucous membranes.

Side Effects of Dates

Without any confusion it is clear that following consumption of any food item, we should clean our teeth. The leftover debris of dates can be a bit sticky sometimes and needs to be cleaned.

It is evidenced that excessive consumption of date has resulted in elevated blood sugar levels and weight gain. Diabetes, again have their own manifestations on oral health. It can result in gum bleeding, loss of alveolar bone or jaw bone resulting in losing of teeth in severe cases.

Hence, dates are a rich source of essential health supplements without any doubt. But of course, always keep a check on the quantity being consumed, because excess consumption without any check can be a reason for health problems as it is rightly quoted,” Excess of anything is bad”.

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