Oral Sedation Treatment

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Pill Sedation or oral sedation is a type of sedation method used in dentistry to reduce the fear and anxiety of patients during treatment. The pill for oral sedation is taken a few hours before the treatment.

The oral sedative pills come under types of Benzodiazepines. These act by decreasing the activity of a portion of brain that control anxiety and fear. The administration of oral sedative pills results in relaxation of mood and reduction in fear and anxiety and increases the precision of treatment.


  • Simple administration

Your dental practitioner will ask you to take your pill, that is to swallow it with water, around an hour before the procedure to make you calm. This is the simplest technique of sedation as in other techniques the routes are nasal or intravenous.

  • No need of Needles

In the method of intravenous sedation, a needle is used. Most of the patients have fear of needles that adds to the fear and anxiety. With oral sedation method fear of needles is omitted.

  • Amnesia

The dosage of benzodiazepines results in less or no memory of the dental procedure done. This helps the patients who have fear of dental treatments as there will be no memory of the treatment done.

  • Responsive patient

The oral sedation results in drowsiness during the dental procedure, But it does not result in complete unconsciousness and the patient is awake and responsive. Being awake during the treatment helps follow the instructions given by the practitioner and add to good results of treatment.

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  • A safe sedation technique

As per FDA regulation, oral sedation has almost no dangerous side effects. There are very less chances of adverse drug reactions.

As compared to other methods of sedation, the effect of oral sedation is not that quick and hence it has to be administered sometime before the procedure.

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