Can Dental Cavities Occur to Crowned Teeth?

Dental Cavities In Crowed Teeth

Even though dental crowns added in places of decaying tooth, there are misconceptions in people that they will not suffer from dental cavities. But this is not necessarily the reason of how dental cavities can be avoided. Dental crowns fitted over decaying tooth or teeth are designed by expert dentists by taking the teeth impression. Before adding the crown, the decaying segment of the tooth or the cavities is first removed as a standard procedure. The affected, but cleaned tooth is then reshaped in a way to make space for the dental crown. This way, crowns are fitted over the remaining tooth to result in natural teeth like structure. But since the complete tooth has not been extracted, there are chances of cavities to occur in the future. The best way to avoid facing dental problems is to maintain healthy lifestyle. Other than this, you should also make regular visits to the expert dentists for oral health diagnosis.

How A Crowned Tooth Starts Decaying?

In cases where crowns are added in the natural teeth structure, cavities begin to exist under the teeth, somewhere along the gum line. Crowned tooth starts decaying when plaque gets accumulated at the gum line. This attracts the bacteria to attack the lower end of the tooth from where cavities will grow with time. The margin where the crown and the natural tooth meet needs to be properly cleaned regularly. But in case when the plaque does not get cleaned and is allowed to exist at the margin, there is a risk of another cavity to occur. This means that you need to get the already added crowned replaced. Expert Dubai dentists suggest maintaining oral hygiene to avoid complications in getting required dental treatments.

Dental Examination to Avoid Risk of Cavities

A periodic dental health examination is the best way to avoid dental cavities for crowned teeth. You will get to know about the status of your oral health. With the help of qualified, dental experts, you can easily get the required treatment as well as advice for your dental problems, if any.

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