Symptoms which denotes a Jaw correction surgery or treatment

Symptoms which denotes a Jaw correction surgery or treatment

A beautiful face with a lovely smile is something which everybody craves for. A jaw bone surgery not only gives the beauty but also uplifts the confidence of the person. Skeletal growth discrepancies and minor dislocations cannot be corrected by braces alone. They will require a jaw correction surgery. This surgery will help the patient to enhance his chewing, speaking and breathing capability.

People do not take jaw correction seriously until it causes serious troubles like headaches, tinnitus, facial and ear pain. It is very important to self-evaluate, to find if the Jaw is dislocated or not.

There are various symptoms that help you assess if there is a jaw dislocation.

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Speaking Difficulty:
Main noticeable symptom is speaking difficulty. The mal-aligned teeth does not allow the tongue to move naturally, causing a lot of disruption in speaking. Pronunciation and conversing with people is very much affected.

Excessive mouth breathing:
When your jaw is not aligned naturally, it leads to a lot of discomfort. The same pressure is exerted while sleeping, thereby leading to excessive mouth breathing. In the long run this excessive breathing will lead to other problems like sleeplessness and obstructed breathing.

Sleep problems:
Due to malalignment, excessive pain occurs. This is a normal process. Pain causes irregular sleep pattern and difficulty in falling asleep. The pressure on the face is not evenly distributed, and tend to be aligned in a completely different direction. Improper sleeping habits lead to poor concentration ability, stress, anxiety and irritation.

A headache:
Headache and migraines are also very common as you suffer due to improper jaw alignment. They tend to occur at all times like when talking, eating and chewing over a longer period of time. Migraines are increased especially during hot weather.

Face, neck and ear pain:
Along with a severe headache, due to improper positioning of the jaw, many people have radiating pain in the neck, ear, and face. Uneven contraction and relaxation of muscles on either side lead to constant mal-alignment of face. This gives a lot of discomfort to the person in terms of all functions involving their facial muscles.

Premature Ageing:
Wrinkles, squeezed lips together all the factors contribute to the aged look which is the most undesirable for anyone. It breaks the confidence and does not give a pleasant look. Many people are not aware that the improper alignment could be the reason behind both physical and psychometric problems.

Why is that Jaw correction surgeries are essential?
Jaw surgeries are done by two doctors an orthodontist and an oral surgeon. People think that such surgeries are painful and will take a longer time to heal. With advanced surgical methods and treatment protocols, jaw correction is being preferred by many people.

It is a one-time solution for your lifetime problem. Surgically it takes only a few hours to perform the operation, and healing time is much faster about 2-3 weeks.

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